Summer Forces

Its about 4 girls who have special powers and have problems of their own.


2. Tess


Hiya.Tess here. I bet Blair has already informed you about… everything. Knowing her she probably rambled on and on. So anyway we were called to Mrs. Meerak’s office.


It was 8 in the morning when there was a bang on our door. Blair was reading a book on Science (as usual, she’s such a geek), Terri was hanging off the top of her bunk bed listening to music and Emmanuelle was busy doing her homework from school, so I decided I’d open the door.

I swung the door open and it was… Hudson. Hudson is the most annoying boy from the Winter Forces. I was wondering why he had come all this way. The Winter and Spring Forces live on the other side of campus.

“Hudson. What brings you to Heat Avenue?” I questioned him, staring at my nails. Just checking they were still lovely and not chipped.Such a lie. I’m a tomboy. I don’t care about chipped nails (unlike Terri) and also I bite my nails so they were all chewed and curled.

Hudson walked straight past me and went to talk to Terri. Everybody always speaks to Terri. Blair’s too bossy, Emmanuelle’s too quiet and I’m just… me.

Terri and I are complete opposites. She’s a total girl. She loves pink, blue, red and purple. (The red, blue and purple I don’t mind, but PINK!?). Terri wears her hair in long twisting braids whereas my blonde hair is long and fair. Oh and I’ve probably forgot to tell you… seeing as we’re ‘specially’ talented Terri and I have different coloured skin. Terri takes after ourdark-skinned Mum and I take after our Caucasian Dad, though he walked out on us when we were only 4 and our little sisters Robyn and Keisha were 2.

Also Terri loves pop music. I don’t mind a bit of pop now and then but One Direction! Seriously? Terri’s forever humming along to the chorus of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. Another thing that I hate about Terri is she knows how to twist me up and make me annoyed and like stupid me I fall for it.

“Hi Terri!” Hudson greeted my twin. Without giving him a sideways glance Terri gave him a wave.

“What do you want?” Blair scorned.

“So now you pay attention!” I complained. Blair nodded. I wanted to curl my hand around her throat and throttle her. But she was my ‘sister’ as Mrs. Meerak says.

The reason why I find Blair so annoying is that she thinks she’s the best at everything. Just because she’s been here longer than any of us, Blair thinks we have to only listen to her and respect her. Believe me, it’s hard enough to listen to her, but when she’s bossing us around, that’s when I blow my lid. Just like how I did two days ago. I literally took her by her brunette hair and shook her silly. We got into this massive argument and got grounded. Not that we went anywhere anyway. Everything we wanted and needed was on campus.

I also hate Blair because she’s forever talking about an old Summer Force called Darcy. She and Blair were best friends I get that, but why does she always have to say things like ‘If only Darcy was here’ or ‘Darcy could do this properly’ like a broken record. Darcy joined the dark side. Shows how much she cared about the Summer Force.

“Mrs. Meerak wants you in her office. Now. And be quick about it, she doesn’t appreciate slackers!” Hudson mimicked Mrs. Meerak’s position and her voice. We all doubled up in laughter even Blair, who doesn’t laugh much. Terri was laughing so much she fell of the railing and of course like the perfect princess she is, she landed in the splits position on the floor.

“Did you really find my joke funny Terri?” Hudson eagerly inquired, desperate to hear my sister’s answer. You see, Hudson has a little crush on my sister even though she’s completely oblivious to it.

“No, no! I just remember the time Mrs. Meerak caught you doing that! You were in heaps of trouble!” Terri exclaimed wiping her eyes. Hudson’s face lost a little brightness.

“Oh. Yeah. It was pretty funny wasn’t it?” Hudson said, already opening the door for us to leave.

When we got to Mrs. Meerak’s office in the school building Emmanuelle attempted knocking on the door, but Blair stopped her.

“Let me. I know the official knock when entering Mrs. Meerak’s office!” Blair warned her. Emmanuelle made a face and spat in her French accent.

“Alright. I didn’t realise you were Mrs. Meerak’s pet!”

Blair darted her eyes at her, while knocking on her door.

“COME IN!” Boomed Mrs. Meerak’s voice. We all nervously crept in, apart from Blair. She strode in with her head held high.

“I trust you are well Mrs. Meerak. I am especially sorry for our extreme tardiness, I’m afraid Terri wanted to look her best when acquainting with you!” Blair said in her extremely posh English accent. Terri looked embarrassed. It was times like these when I took sympathy on my Terri.

“Do sit down girls!” Mrs. Meerak completely disregarded Blair, as usual. We all settled in the plush comfy seats.

“As you know girls, you are a special bunch!” Mrs Meerak shouted. We all nodded quickly with fright.

“I’ve got a mission for you and the Springs!” She pointed to the opposite corner of the room. Only then did I realise the Spring Force (Cameron, Eddie, Alison and Connor) were sitting down. I could barely sit still in my seat. Terri’s first mission, mine as well!

“I’m afraid Allure is on the loose again!” Mrs. Meerak tutted.

“Who is Allure?” I blurted and sure enough Blair sighed heavily.

“Allure is an enemy. A girl a little older than us. She’s like Emmanuelle’s twin!” Blair informed me. I turned to look at Emmanuelle who was the shade of blank paper.

“She’s very persuasive. The major thing though is not to gain eye contact with her!” Cameron from the Springs chirped, checking her face in the mirror (she and Terri are so alike!).

“Like I did!” Emmanuelle exclaimed quietly. We all turned to look at her.

“It’s true!” Blair said dramatically. “And Emmanuelle fainted. She was unconscious for an hour; meanwhile Allure was gaining on us. I truly thought we were going to die! Until we met Hudson. He was on a mission too but stopped by.”

“I can’t wait! It’s going to be stacks of fun. I can imagine it now. With Terri’s ultra- violet rays and my way of melting things, we’ll destroy her. Two seconds flat. I’ll bet you 50 dollars!” I told them.

“Who said I’m fighting with you!” Terri protested. I stopped making action movements and told her,

“You can’t work without me. We need to stick together. We always have and always will!” But Terri still restrained. I was shocked. Terri often bowed down to my judgement on everything.

“I’ll work with whoever I want! Right Blair?” Terri questioned Blair. Blair nodded. “Then it’s settled!”

“No- no Terri it’s not settled! Who made Blair boss?” I inquired.

“Don’t get in a strop Tess!” Blair hissed.

“We’ll have none of that language!” Mrs. Meerak alarmed Blair, but I ignored her.

“That’s not fair. I have just a right to be boss as Blair!” I protested.

“Oh here we go!” Emmanuelle moaned.

“Stay out of it dingbat!” Blair exclaimed. Since I’d met Blair she’d never spoke in an Australian accent or used Australian terms. Emmanuelle turned beetrot.


“RIGHT THAT DOES IT!” Blair shrieked. We all started shouting over each other like we normally do. The Spring Force looked terrified.

“SUMMER FORCE!” Mrs. Meerak bellowed. “Blair, I’m most disappointed in you. After all you should be setting an example. Do I have to add to your punishment?”

Blair shook her head, and hung it in her lap. I felt a pang of sympathy for her and when I realised I quickly changed it around. Me? Feeling sorry for her? Never.Never.Never.NEVER.

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