Summer Forces

Its about 4 girls who have special powers and have problems of their own.


3. Emmanuelle


Hello. I’m Emmanuelle. Tess has probably told you all about our encounter with Mrs. Meerak. So I’m here to continue…

We were on our way back to Heat Avenue. The stars were forming in the inky sky and the new moon cast a shadow over campus. In the distance I could see the faint outline of the Winter Force’s dormitories and the Spring Force’s dormitories. Nobody was talking and we sauntered along the stone- tiled floor.

We entered the foyer to the Autumn and Summer Force’s dorms. Our shoes clicked against the now marble- speckled ground. We saw some of the girls from the Autumn force talking to the head of reception Mrs. Candace. . We were all such in a foul mood we didn’t stop to greet them.

Once we had reached our dorm it was way beyond lights out. We all sluggishly got changed under the covers. Blair turned out the light and in silence we all drifted back to sleep.

We all woke up early the next morning. Still not talking to each other. So I decided to start some conversation.

“Have a good sleep, Terri?” I asked my bunk- mate. Terri swung off the edge of her bed. We all had bedhead hair and dark rings circling our eyes but as usual Terri made her amber eyes and black braids seem as resplendent as ever. She was way more beautiful than Tess that’s for sure. Tess has knotted blonde hair and the bluest eyes ever. They were both very pretty but Terri was far in front.

“OK. You?” She asked me. I nodded. But I lied. I had nightmares about Allure. She was my elder sister until she turned evil. Blair exaggerated yesterday when she said we were like twins. We had similar appearances, yes but not like twins.

I looked over at Blair and Tess to see if they wanted to make conversation. They didn’t look in the mood. Blair was reading the same Science book as yesterday and Tess was staring at Terri with a stormy look on her face like the three- eyed monster I’d met in a previous a while ago.

“What’s wrong Tess?” Terri asked, flipping off the bed and landing When Tess didn’t answer, Terri put her arm around Tess.

Terri was so nice to her twin sister. If only Tess could return it. But Terri really surprised me yesterday when she stood up to Tess about fighting and looked to Blair for support.

Tess shrugged off Terri’s arm.

“What’s up?” Terri asked, ignoring Tess’ rude gesture.

“What’s up is you!” Tess exclaimed. “What was all that about yesterday? ‘We don’t need to fight together’ thing? We always have and always will. We need to fight together, or it doesn’t work!”

“It will work! Trust me.” Tess was about to argue, when a knock came at the door.

“Who is that? It’s only 6.23 am!” Blair spoke up. She is so technical. Terri crept towards the door in her blue pyjamas. She opened it.

“Hudson! What do you want?” Terri asked, hands on hips. She let Hudson in.

“I didn’t see you at breakfast, so I came to see… what are you guys still doing here?” Hudson suddenly asked, alarmed.

“What do you mean? It’s only like 6. 30!” I told Hudson.

“Actually 6.23!” Blair corrected me. I stuck my tongue out at her and got a glare in response.

“Nu- uh! It’s like almost 9 am. You should be in the training arena with the trainers and the Spring Force!” Hudson exclaimed. I looked over to Blair. She was red.

“My watch! Its a few hours back! Quick get changed!” Blair exclaimed. We all started to scramble.

“Excuse me Hudson!” Terri made a goodbye gesture.

“Oh right, sorry!” Hudson turned red and bowed out of the room.

“He really likes you.” I told her. She shrugged but still smiled. We all had a quick shower and got dressed, not bothering to ask Blair about her watch or about the training. I knew all about it.

When going on a mission whether with your force or another you always have 3 training sessions before you leave. We have normal training sessions every day after school and sometimes before but before a mission we get to miss school.

I had forgotten the way to the training arena so Blair led the way.

“Keep up, Tess. I don’t take slackers under my wing.” Blair snapped. Tess was about to shout something back but I gave her a look. I expected Terri to calm her but she seemed lost in thoughts.

When we arrived into the vast arena, the Spring Force were already training. We stood in the background, looking at what they could do. Build tree armour around themselves with the wave of their hands- that was Cameron’s speciality, making animal noises to confuse monsters- Eddie, disguising herself in grass- Alison and as for Connor he could shoot flowers out of his hands with daggers instead of filaments. A trainer approached us. She was dressed in a pair of jogging bottoms and a black t- shirt.

“How kind of you to grace us with your presence Summer Force. I expected more from you Blair!” The trainer barked. Anger fizzed inside of me. Didn’t she expect anything from me? Nobody ever noticed me. It was always Blair this and Blair that.

“Sorry Mrs. Martin. There were a few problem with my-

“Drop and give me thirty!” Mrs. Martin barked cutting Blair short. Blair, Tess and I obediently started to do press- ups. It may seem irrelevant to our powers but we need to keep in shape. But Terri wasn’t having any of it.

“I’m sorry… Mrs. Martin. But I’m not the type to, drop and give you thirty. How about I practise my powers?” Terri protested.

“You can’t work without me!” Tess grunted from next to me.

“Yes I can! Can’t I Blair?” Terri once again asked Blair. Tess stood up. Blair and I stopped our press-ups. Tess looked angry.

“Stop asking Blair! It’s not up to her! You’re just a self- obsessed diva who is my embarrassment of a twin!” Tess stormed out of the arena not looking behind her. Terri stood there, her mouth hung open her beautiful hazel eyes blinking non- stop.

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