Summer Forces

Its about 4 girls who have special powers and have problems of their own.


1. Blair



Hi. My name’s Blair Hyde. I’m what you call a Summer Force. There are four of us. Terri and Tess (twins) and Emmanuelle and I. We all joined the Season and Month Academy at different times. I’ve been here for almost a year now and therefore the other 3 should look up to me, though they don’t! Emmanuelle has been here for a half a year now and Terri and Tess have just joined.

We’ve all had to say goodbye to our family. It would be cruel to stay with them and put them in danger. I do apologise, I haven’t explained properly.

4 in 67 children have a special talent. In the Season and Month Academy we all have different talents. We all live in separate dormitories. The children born in winter live in the Icicles, The Spring guys live in New-born Gardens, and The Autumns live in Falling Leaves. Terri, Tess, Emmanuelle and I are all born in Summer, and we live in The Heat Avenue.

We’re called Summer Forces. We each have our own individual power. I can blast radioactive heat or any other hot substance from my hands to an enemy. Terri and Tess (as they are twins), have to work together. Terri can create ultra- violet sunrays while Tess can make things melt. Together, they are one mean machine. Emmanuelle can control anything. She can pick up a piece of gravel and turn it into iron- hot lava.

Of course these do come with a burden. If we use our powers for too long then we can burn out and be sick for days, weeks almost. Also sometimes they play up. Like on my last mission with the ‘previous’ Summer Forces (Emmanuelle and Darcy), we were fighting Allure a smart, persuasive enemy. I tried to blast out some heat and instead gushes of water came out.

There is a particular thing about us Summer Forces though. In every Force (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn) the talented kids are spaced out between the months. For example in Winter there are 2 girls and 2 boys, their called Alex, Perri, Sam and Hudson. Perri was born in January, Hudson in December, Alex in February as is Sam. But in the Summer Forces we’re all born in June. Also in every Force the people usually originate from the same area, but I’m from Australia, Emmanuelle’s from La Rochelle in France and Terri and Tess were born and bred in America. And were all girls. And even freakier we’re all born a day after each other.

I’m on the 1st, Terri and Tess on the 2nd and Emmanuelle on the 3rd. The head of the academy, Mrs. Meerak called us all in for a meeting and none of us knew why.

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