©Molly Looby No way. I knew I was dying. I knew I was dying fast, but this hit me like a speeding bullet. How long did I have left, years, months, weeks? Days...?

For Ali-Rose life is just a fading moment. Fighting from her inevitable death is the only thing she can do to save her family from the grief that is sure to engulf them. But something on the horizon is about to change her life...

(This is a Twilight fanfic set twelve years after the end of 'Breaking Dawn', but not from Bella's POV, from the POV of Ali-Rose - all will be revealed if you care to read on.)

(Author's Note: Before you read Mattie, please can I just point out that it was written when I was fourteen-fifteen years old, and it was also the first thing I ever wrote and finished, for my own benefit and that of a close friend. I know it has its flaws and I'm okay with that because this story made me grow as an author more than I could've imagined. I truly hope you enjoy it.)



THIS WAS IT - THE END. I’VE ALWAYS BEEN READY, OF course I have, but actually being here is terrifying. I can’t see. I can’t feel. I’m not here. I thought it would be easier than this. There are only two thoughts here in the nothing; my pain, which is unbearably agonizing, a blinding torment that shoots through my body. But the pain of my loved ones, which, impossibly, is one hundred times worse, is the thing that I can’t handle. Hearing the panic, grief and terror in their voices, makes me want to hold on. I want it more than anything in the world, because if I let go they have to live with the only unendurable emotion; grief.  But how do you hold on to nothing; even when you want it most?

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