©Molly Looby No way. I knew I was dying. I knew I was dying fast, but this hit me like a speeding bullet. How long did I have left, years, months, weeks? Days...?

For Ali-Rose life is just a fading moment. Fighting from her inevitable death is the only thing she can do to save her family from the grief that is sure to engulf them. But something on the horizon is about to change her life...

(This is a Twilight fanfic set twelve years after the end of 'Breaking Dawn', but not from Bella's POV, from the POV of Ali-Rose - all will be revealed if you care to read on.)

(Author's Note: Before you read Mattie, please can I just point out that it was written when I was fourteen-fifteen years old, and it was also the first thing I ever wrote and finished, for my own benefit and that of a close friend. I know it has its flaws and I'm okay with that because this story made me grow as an author more than I could've imagined. I truly hope you enjoy it.)



MY HEART BEGAN TO ACHE AS I LOOKED INTO THE forest, where a minute ago, my family had stood. Esme put her arm around me and pulled me into a hug. She led me into the house where dinner was waiting. Carlisle had suggested that they all went on a hunting trip so that they could all get to know Tyler a bit better. It seemed that Tyler was sticking around for a while. Esme had volunteered to be the one who stayed home with me. As the late afternoon turned to evening I knew that she was missing Carlisle and her children more than I had missed anything in my whole life. I missed them too; I always did, but not as much as usual. That might have been because I was yearning for Tyler. I didn’t understand the feeling, it confused me. Why did I feel like this?

“Mattie honey?”

I looked up. I hadn’t realised I’d been staring at the wall, lost in my thoughts.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, sorry Esme, I was just daydreaming I think.”

“Okay dear.” She smiled at me. Her smiles always warmed my heart.

Esme and I passed the time by playing games and looking thorough the photo albums. We had hoped that it would have kept our minds off the people that weren’t with us, but of course, it hadn’t. We had twelve photo albums. The first was labelled - ‘Edward and Bella’s wedding’, the next seven - ‘Renesmee’, and the final four - ‘Alice-Rosalie’. Alice and Rosalie had made sure we had an album for every year since Renesmee’s birth. I loved looking at pictures of her, her copper-coloured hair glowing in the sunlight as she sat, usually, in Jacob’s arms.  The last photo in Renesmee’s albums was the same photo that started mine. It was a picture of Renesmee, a huge smile on her face. Jacob’s arms were around her, his face tender. In Renesmee’s arms was me. I was only hours old. You could see my wide innocent eyes, glowing a magnificent emerald. My deep brunette hair was tousled, my skin was white. I sighed and flicked through my albums, stopping on the last few pictures. My deterioration was obvious when you put pictures of me side by side. My skin was a sickly colour, sallow. My eyes didn’t glow so much. My smile looked false, forced. The last two pictures had been taken only last week, the first, me as Ali-Rosalie, the second, me as Alice-Rose. I flipped through my albums once again, hovering on the pictures of me as a toddler, before I made my way up to bed. After a while, I heard Esme’s mobile phone ring from downstairs. It took me a couple of seconds to recognise the noise, Esme’s phone wasn’t used often. I took a deep breath and listened to the pounding of my heart. Something could have happened. I tip-toed towards my door to listen. Esme’s voice was quick, I didn’t catch any words. Everything was okay. Her voice had been smooth, and not worried. Relief swept over me, calming my frantic heart. Esme appeared at my door. Shock washed across her face as she saw me standing right in front of her.

“Someone’s going to swap with me if you don’t mind honey.”

“No, of course not.”

She smiled. “They’ll be here in about a minute. I’ll see you later. You’ll be alright for a minute won’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah fine.” She kissed my forehead before disappearing from my doorframe, closing the door behind her. I wandered, dazed, over to my bed. I sank down in the covers and thought about reasons for who would be coming back. I knew that I would only be satisfied if it was one person in particular. I was stunned that I had been left alone in the first place. Why? I didn’t think they would ever leave me home alone. This was the first time ever. I felt threatened by the enormous house. I felt tiny and insignificant within its walls, and high ceilings. Unable to control my instinctive reactions, I let out a slow, intimidating growl. Terror crept up on me. How I hated being alone. I felt the red-hot, icy touch of fear trickle down my spine and I trembled. My door began to open slowly. I jumped up and lowered into a crouch, a snarl building in my throat.


I nearly choked on my snarl. Emotion welled up and tears ran down my cheeks. His, was the only voice I had wanted to hear. I leapt from my bed to the door, which was now open wide. I threw my arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder. He lifted me up, gently. Using more care than was necessary and put me back on my bed, but not letting go. I was sitting in his lap now, breathing in his sweet scent.

“I’m sorry.” I sniffed. “I’m not used to being left alone, I got kinda overwhelmed.”

“It’s alright, completely understandable.” He wiped away my tears with his frozen finger. I shuddered. I let go of his neck and leant my head on his shoulder. We sat in silence for a few minutes, enjoying the fact that the other one was there. When the time caught up with me, something didn’t add up.

“I thought you went on the hunting trip for everyone to get to know you. And since when did they all trust you enough to let you be alone with me?”

He chuckled. “It turns out that they know me quite well already. And Edward, Jasper, Alice, Nessie and Bella all trust me with you. So do Carlisle and Esme. I’m not sure about the others, but Edward told them about my gift, and he knows that your scent doesn’t bother me.”

“It doesn’t bother you at all?”

“Not one bit.” He smiled. I could only smile back. I found myself staring into his eyes. They were a peach colour now, getting closer to the colour I was used to all the time.

“Your eyes are a lovely shade of pink today.” It appeared he had been on my wavelength. I blushed. I seemed to be doing at lot of blushing lately. He chuckled and touched my cheek just as Edward had. “You’re so warm.

“Your hands are soothingly cool. It’s nice.”

“This hand’s already warm. See?” He held his hand out to me and sure enough, it was warm, human-like. I didn’t let go of his hand, I just held it in mine.

“Do I have to wait for Carlisle before I fall asleep?” I asked, wondering why it wasn’t Carlisle that had returned early.

“He’s coming back in about an hour. Will you be okay until then?”

“Yeah.” I yawned, unsuccessfully trying to convince him.

He looked sceptical. I sighed at his faultlessness.

“Maybe I should keep you talking until Carlisle gets back.”

“That’s probably a good idea.” I said yawning again.  “What should I talk about? I don’t want to bore you.” I said sarcastically.

“Tell me about yourself. There’s nothing that I find more interesting than you.”

I couldn’t stop the smile that shone from my face. I took a deep breath and went back to the beginning, remembering. I told him everything. I told him about school, my friends, favourite subjects and subjects that bored me. My Favourite colour, number, letter, word, song, film, and flower, also came up. I blushed when I told him that my favourite colour was peach. I told him about the werewolf pack, about the family friends from around the world, why I wanted to become a vampire. I talked about the Cullen’s, our daily lives. But mostly I talked about my health. I brought him up-to-date with what had been happening to me over the last two years. He was mesmerised, completely involved in my words. Occasionally he would nod, but mostly he just listened. I felt good when I had finished. Tyler knew me. That made me worryingly happy.

“Thank you.” I whispered to him when I had finished.

“For what?”  His fluid voice asked.

“For listening. I know it was your suggestion, but still. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.”

I twisted myself round so that I was facing him and smiled. He did the same. I stared into his peach coloured eyes for the millionth time and found hope. He was staring into my eyes too, the pink colour that he had commented on.  His compliment felt like a life-time ago.

“I’ll call Carlisle up if you want.” His voice was smooth and quiet.

“He’s home?” I hadn’t heard anything.

“Yes. He’s been back for a while.”

“Oh.” I slipped down so that my head was resting on my pillow.

“Shall I call him?”

“No.” I closed my eyes as I spoke.

He chuckled. I searched for his hand. I wove my fingers with his and sighed. I could picture the smile on his face, perfect and dazzling. I felt him tuck a stray piece of hair behind my ear. Complete happiness engulfed me. I turned over so that I was on my side. I curled up into a ball and leant my head on his chest. I sighed once more. That was the second that I realised. I had changed my life forever. I had eternally fallen in love with my best friend.

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