The Stranger

Fate has been having the same dream for months, if only it was just a dream. Its a nightmare that has began to consume her life.
But is the dream a warning of what's to come and what has the new boy Hayden got to do with it.


1. Prologue

I stare across the bridge, fear fills me, a black mass of smoke is all I can see. It moves swiftly towards me, I want to run. I can’t. I can move, but I can’t leave them. I’m not sure who them is though, I’m only certain on the fact that I need to stay.  I turn to my right, I can see a figure next me. I can tell its female, but I can’t see any of the details of her face. She familiar, I know her well. It’s a new friendship, but strong. I turn to the smoke; it getting closer. I step away from it. I feel something grasp my left hand. I instantly look to the hand; I see two figures in front of me. They are distorted, the smoke consuming them. Suddenly, a piercing blue light reaches from the smoke. I realise they’re his eyes. My heart swells as I look into them. I breathe in, the smoke finally finding me.

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