The Stranger

Fate has been having the same dream for months, if only it was just a dream. Its a nightmare that has began to consume her life.
But is the dream a warning of what's to come and what has the new boy Hayden got to do with it.


3. Chapter II

Fate sat bored in maths, begging her teacher (in her head) to shut up and give them questions to do. She was close to sleeping. She had always been prone to falling asleep in class, now with her being so tired due the nightmare, it was almost impossible to stay awake during all boring parts of school; such as those idiotic videos her classmates love so much. Maths was a big problem; it wasn’t that Fate didn’t like the subject, in fact she loved it. It was just so easy for her that she didn’t need the overdone explanation Mr Vincent gave them. She hadn’t ever really paid attention before, she had just copied the notes and read them if she need to.

The bell rang saving Fate from the land of slumber; luckily Fate had never experience one of her dreams in class. It was probably because they had never been enough time for the dream to starts. Fate stood up and began to shove her stuff in her too small bag. She really needed to get a bigger one, something that was unlikely to happen. She walked out the class lost to the world. She just wanted to go home, but it was only just second period: only English, History, Science, French and Art to go. She sighed; she supposed that English wouldn’t be that bad. They’d probably write all period again. She might even get a chance to talk to Hayley. She might be able to get her to take the dreams serious without the others mocking her. Hayley knew her at her best; she must know how much the dreams were affecting Fate since they had started.

“Have you heard about the new boy yet?” Hayley said bringing Fate back to the real world. Fate had made her way to English without incident. She had become quite clumsy and knocked into people quite often now.

“No, what about him?”

“Nothing,” Hayley says shrugging her shoulders. “Just that he's in our registration class.” Fate had been late and had missed registration completely that day. “I take it he wasn’t in your maths class then.”

“Yep, he wasn’t.” Fate replied not all interested. Once upon a time, she would have been excited as Hayley appeared to be. She was twisting her blonde hair, ‘He must be somewhat attractive,” Fate thought going by Hayley behaviour. Hayley was basically boy mad; Fate blamed the hormones and hope she would calm down once she actually got a boyfriend. “So what does he look like?” Fate asked, Hayley always described boys in the most humours way since she read too many trashy romance novels. Fate needed a laugh, or even just a true smile. The lack of sleep couldn’t be good for her emotional state.

“He has raven hair that barely reaches his shoulders. I haven’t properly had a look at him yet. He cute though.” Hayley happily said.

“Kay, I wonder if he’s in any of our classes.” Fate spoke, making polite chit-chat, hoping to move the conversation to another topic, the more important ones of her dreams.

“Well, that answers your question,” Hayley smirked, pointing to the end of the line that had formed behind them.

A boy wearing ripped jeans and black shirt with red and black striped tennis shoes had just joined the end of the queue.

“Someone taking advantage of being new,” an annoying girl announce to the corridor, who frankly herself was taking liberties with the uniform. Instead of the white shirt and black blazer or jumper, she wore a grey low neck jumper and her fitted shirt appeared to be longer than her bottoms and the school tie was no way to be seen. Fate wonder how she could be warm wearing such a short skirt without any tights. Fate didn’t know her name, but recognised her as a usual trouble maker. She wasn’t sure what she was doing here, there were no other classes at this end of the corridor and she was certainly not in her English class. Well, Fate thinks she’s not. She couldn’t really be sure anymore.

Fate found herself staring at the boy, there was something familiar about. She couldn’t think where, she recognised him somehow.

“Should we go and say hello,” Hayley ask coyly, breaking Fate’s chance.

“Yeah, sure,” Fate muttered. Hayley grabbed Fate’s hand enthusiastically and dragged her towards the boy.

“Hi, I’m Hayley and this is my best friend Fate,” Hayley said quickly. “Her name is so awesome, isn’t it? So what’s your name?” Hayley beamed a smile that could overwhelm anyone, while Fate lips formed a small polite smile.

 The boy stared back at Hayley and cast a quick glance at Fate before replying.

“Right, I’m Hadrian,” he said simply in some sort of European accent, it seems familiar to Fate, but she played that off from watching Eurovision every year.

“You’re accent weird, where you’re from?” Hayley stated bluntly, never being one to stay quiet with her thoughts. It got her into trouble sometimes.


“Wow, really. What’s it like there?” Fate shook her head and smile apologetically to Hadrian. She doubted that the  ideal way to start a new school was too be bombed with questions in foreign language to your own. Fate would have scolded Hayley, but she knew it was no use. Hayley would never change, she wasn’t really aware of what she was doing anyway.

“Ummm…nice,” he supplied.

Hayley open her mouth to ask another question when the teacher appeared and was telling them to go into the class. Fate noticed a poster for Norway next to the English Class, odd had that always been there.

“hmm” Fate said without realising.

“What is it Fae?” Hayley asked, pausing at the door. Fate mumbled "nothing" gently pushing her to continue. They walked to their usual table. Hadrian made his way to the teacher’s desk waiting for her. Ms Anderson was dealing with the walking contradiction from the hallway, who had a message from one of the other English teachers. She (there were only female English teachers) had probably sent her to get rid of her for a while. Ms A sent her back to the depths of hell carrying a large pile of “Kes”s books. ‘How old was that book anyway’, Fate thought, her mother had done it at school.

Ms Anderson made her way to her desk.

“Ar…you must be the new boy.” Ms Anderson said joyfully. She was one of the younger teachers and still had a passion for her subject. She was fairly well liked and was Fate’s favourite teacher.

“Yes, miss.” Hadrian replied calmly. Ms A slowly scanned the class thinking of where to place Hadrian. Only two tables had free seats.

“Why don’t go sit there?” she said pointing to Hayley and Fate’s table, ignoring the currently empty table; probably from not wanting to traumatise him on his first day.  ‘Damn’, Fate thought while Hayley smiled brightly. “Fae and Hayley are two of my best students, I’m sure they're help you get settled.” Ms A had taken to calling Fate by Hayley’s nickname, she didn’t mind. It was the praise that made her check tint red. It was technically true that Fate and Hayley switched between second and third in their tests. “I’ll come and explained what we currently doing in a second.”

As Hadrian sat down at the table, Adreanna McLead busted through the class door in her usual dramatically fashion. They didn’t pay any attention as she made her way to the empty table behind them. This was Adreanna’s usual behaviour. Frankly, she considered quite odd by her peers. Her school blazer was covered in different buttons which feature such sayings as “I wish everyday was Halloween,” and bands you’ve never heard of. She had once written loser on her own forehead during class. She would say random things to people she barely knew, which was basically everyone. Adreanna didn’t reappear to have any friends. Fate felt quite sorry for her at times, but she always looked happy, not that she was always smiling, yet there something about her that seemed happy. Maybe it was her eyes, there had a sparkle.

“Anna please try to arrive on time,” Ms Anderson said for umpteenth time. Adreanna just stared blankly back at Ms Anderson. She ignored her and began to talk to the whole class. “We going to continue with the paper we started yesterday.” Yep, Fate had been right they were going to write all period, but with Hadrian arrive there was no way Fate would get to talk to Hayley about the dreams. Maybe she needed to do it outside of school, Fate pondered.

After Ms Anderson talk with Hadrian, Hayley continued her interview (why the hell did she want to know his favourite colour anyway?) between writing answers and poking Fate with her pencil to join in the conversation. She half heartily did for moment before going back to focus on the work. Reminding Hayley to do the same was her only attempt to try and save Hadrian. When bell rang, Hayley enthusiastically offered to introduce Hadrian to “Everyone who was cool!” Fate followed behind them and didn’t speak for full of break.


Fate slowly made her way to Art, when she got there Mrs McCain told her that she was to go see Mrs Lee. She sighed; Mrs Lee was Fate’s year group head and dealt with all their “problems”. Fate turned around and into Adreanna.

“Sorry,” Fate muttered. Adreanna muttered something inaudible back.

“Anna you’re to go Mrs Lee’s office as well.” Adreanna nodded and began to walk back down the hall. Fate followed behind back, they walk in silence till the stair case.

“You’re haven’t been sleeping,” Adreanna stated climbing on to the first step. Fate paused, was it that obvious? No, not even her friends had noticed until she had told them about dreams. Why would Adreanna just say that?

“Yes,” Fate replied as she began to walk again.

“Why? Is something disturbing your dreams?”

Fate pondered whether or not to tell Adreanna the truth or tell her mind her own business. Something inside her told her to answer Adreanna. No one else would listen.

“Yes,” Fate said deciding, “I’ve been having nightmares.”

“About what?” With Adreanna’s words, Fate spelled out about the nightmares in detail. Told her about the darkness and the eyes; how she had been unable to sleep properly for months; her fears about her education, her grades were slowly slipping. They spent the whole journey with Fate talking.

“Your dreams are obvious trying to tell you something. It’s important that we figure them out”. Adreanna said after listening Fate’s concerns.

“We?” Fate said stopping at entry of the corridor that Mrs Lee’s office was at.

“ Yes, you obviously need help with this and…” Adreanna confidence had gone. “I’ll happily help if you want.” Fate did need help; she had known that for a while. Adreanna was the only one offering.

“Thanks, Adreanna. That be great,” Fate said with her first true smile in weeks.

“It’s no problem, Fate,” Adreanna smiled back before it slipping off her face again. “But please call me Anna, only my mum calls, called me Adreanna.” Adreanna, Anna said completely serious.

Fate nodded, she knew Anna’s mum had died when she was six. There had been rumours about her death ever since, some say that it was Anna that caused her death or finding her is what made her so weird. Fate didn’t think either was true, she was sure she would never ask Anna.

“We best get to Mrs Lee before she begins a quest for us,” Anna said smiling again. They walk into the corridor, leaving the stairwell.

Anna went straight and knocked on the office door. They waited a moment before Mrs Lee opened the door.

“Hello Fate,” she said happy enough. “McLead” she said coldly. Mrs Lee always referred to people by their last name if she didn’t like them. It was a known fact that Mrs Lee and Anna (well, in most polite term) did not did not get along. Anna was always getting sent to her office.

“Fate, I’ll talk with you first as it won’t take long.” Mrs Lee turn back into the room and Fate followed her in. “Please shut the door and sit down” Fate did so before joining Mrs Lee at table. All the support offices looked the same, same pale yellow colour and slightly smaller than a classroom size. There was a desk in the corner and a coffee table in the other side with chairs around it where they down sat.

“Fate I just wanted to talk about your attendance and how often you have been late recently,” This is where Fate tuned out. Mrs Lee went on with the expected nonsense about how this couldn’t go on. She had missed several days without a proper explanation. Fate only thought for a second about telling her about the dreams, she pushed right out her head. She told her instead that she was suffering from insomnia. It was technically true; it was not like Mrs Lee actually wanted to know the source of her sleepless nights. 

“Okay, perhaps you should go to your GP about it then,” Mrs Lee said hurrying her out of the room. Fate had already gone (without her mother), the doctor had suggested nature remedies; he wasn’t prepared to give her drugs until it was severely bad. He’d probably have sent to a therapist if she had told them about the dreams, she felt silly to say about them being the real problem.

“McLead come in,” Mrs Lee said at her door before disappearing back into the room. Fate was about to make her way back to class when Anna spoke.

“Fate, I know school is probably not the best place to discuss your problem. Why don’t you come to my house on Saturday. You know where I live right?” Fate nodded, Anna lived above/next to the local corner shop, which her dad owned.

“Okay, I’ll see you then.” Fate said happily, she wait until Anna walked into the office.

“Makes this quick, Lee. We both know this is pointless.”

Fate choosing to ignore Anna’s comment to Mrs Lee, walk back to class pondering the new friend she had made.

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