The Stranger

Fate has been having the same dream for months, if only it was just a dream. Its a nightmare that has began to consume her life.
But is the dream a warning of what's to come and what has the new boy Hayden got to do with it.


2. Chapter I

Fate wakes with a scream on her lips; she bites it back this time. Most nights she can’t stop the screams from leaving her lungs. It’s a small victory in her losing battle for a restful night. Fate had been suffering from the same dream- no nightmare is more correct term- for months. The nightmare had hit her like a tsunami one night and she had been drowning ever since. She could never remember much about the dreams, she was certain there were all the same or at least all linked.

She lays back panting, trying to dispel the fear from her. She always felt afraid once she woke, but of what she could never place. Almost consuming blackness seemed to be all the dreams consisted of until recently. She had begun to remember one thing: these stunningly blue, piercing eyes. They’d be beautiful if it wasn’t for the fear that came with them. Other things from the nightmare had started to stick with her; however they didn’t make any sense to Fate: something to do with water and not being able to leave. The eyes hadn’t at first either. She had always remembered this blue light which slowly formed into eyes in her memory. Part of her want to know what was in the dreams, the other was too scared.

She knew she need to do something about the dreams, they had really taken over her life. She was always tired and had been late for school more times that she could count. Her perfect attendance was ruined. She tried to talk to her mum, but she was too concerned about her business and thought Fate was just exaggerating the situation.  Her friends didn’t take her serious at all, and she was slowly losing them. She didn’t miss any of them, except for Hayley. Hayley had been her best friend since Nursery; their friendship seemed to be as long as their memory. She really couldn’t remember a time where they hadn’t known each other or the moment when they had meet. Yet recently they had been slowly becoming more distant. Maybe she was just too tired to miss anyone or anything. There was no one else she could talk to. She was starting to feel isolated.

Fate sighed at the mess of her life as she detangled herself from her sheets. She had obviously been tossing in her sleep. This movement had come with the dreams, she been quite a peaceful sleeper before. She looked at her alarm clock and flinched. The damned thing had failed to wake her once more. She had roughly 10 minutes to get dressed if she had any chance of catching the bus. A familiar situation for Fate.

She grabbed yesterday’s uniform, for once thankful she lived in a country where it was practically mandatory for them to all look the same, and ran to the bathroom. She scrubbed her teeth and shoved her face into the cold water filled basin, in the hope it would wake her up a bit. It didn’t really. She threw her pyjamas aside and quickly washed. Once covered by her crumpled uniform, she grabbed her thankfully packed messenger bag and ran out the front door with the promise she would brush her hair on bus in her head. Her mother looked out the window after her daughter, wondering why she was in such a hurry.

Fate’s house was five minutes and unthankfully a steep hill from the bus stop. She ran though her street and ignoring her neighbours, her aim only to reach the bus in time. She was at the hill, as she ran up, her legs burning, she could see the bus stop. She thought she was going to make it, she didn’t. She managed to just reach the top of the hill as the bus pulled away. She sighed; she had lost the race.

She turned around, calmly walked down the hill and avoiding looking at her neighbours who had just seen her ran past them like a mad women. Using her webbed mess of hair to shield her face as she ran her fingers through it, trying to turn the web into straight, well wavy brown lines.  On her avoidance, she noticed that old Miller place (four houses up from hers) had new residents. There was a moving truck in the driveway with an unfamiliar car parked in front of the house. She hadn’t notice the house had sold, it had been in the market for a while. It was very likely in sleepy haze she had missed the sold sign going up. She began moving again and she calmly walked into her house.

“Mum, I need a lift to school,” Fate said as she closed the door behind her “…again.” She walked through the hall looking for her mother; she ignored the stairs and peaked to the living rooms, ‘nope’ Fate thought to herself. The only opinion was the kitchen as it was unlikely she be in her room as this time of day. Fate’s mum sat at the kitchen table with a sewing machine. Fate stared at her mother, who she was sure should be a work at the moment, however she no way surprise to find her there. She seemed to be spending more and more time at home, but was always complaining about her struggling business. She owned a boutique in the high street. It had been doing well until the recently global money struggle.

“Er…why are you sewing?” Fate asked dumbly.

“I’m making clothes for boutique.” Fate’s mother replied still sewing.

“Oh, I didn’t know you did that.”

“Well, I haven’t for a while, not since you were born, I use to make quite a lot of the clothes for the shop. I thought I give it try again.” The boutique was older than Fate by four years. Her parents had opened it when they were newlyweds. She pushed the thought of her non-existent father out of her head.

“Okay, I need a ride to school?”

“Give me a second,” Fate’s mother launched back into work silently. Fate didn’t make it to school that day.

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