Coffee, the Frappe

Coffee is a frappe, just waiting to find his calling in life. For his entire life, he has waited and waited for someone to come into the ice cream shop and buy him. He dreams of the day when he can escape the world of the ice cream shop. Will this day ever come?


1. The Frappe Life

   I am a coffee frappe. I sit here waiting to be slurped on some warm summer day by a small child. I wish I could be a smooth, not chunky frappe. Maybe more people would like me. if my owner spent more time making me, I don't think I would have this problem. If I ever make it out of this cold prison that holds ice cream, I would like to slowly spread my way through the small parking lot, if I can even make it that far.

   I wait for the day that I'm free, even if I'm digesting in someone's stomach. I long to be free, to melt in the summer sun. If I ever get noticed by the annoying workers I may have the chance to be sold. But that isn't going to happen, is it? I'll just sit here for now, waiting for my time to shine.

      One Week Later

   Alas! Someone has bought me! I am finally free! I am finally living my dream. I shall live my shirt life with freedom before I get slurped through a straw into this purchaser's mouth. Then I'll go about my business in the afterlife. So, farewell for now, until you meet my offspring of coffee ice cream. Please wish them a good life for me, will you?


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