The Perfect Storm

What happens when a snow storm leaves two mortal enemies trapped in school together?


1. Chapter 1

The Perfect Storm...

I was relieved when the end of school bell rang, I had managed to avoid him all day. I got all the way to my locker when there he was. He had successfully broken in and only my best friend Tyler would know my combination 118, we used to…

Used to that was the word that kept popping into my mind because the Tyler standing in front of me (that had broken into my locker) wasn't my best friend, far from it. He was my mortal enemy. He used to be different, so, so different but people change.Times change. He changed.

A long time ago (3 years ago to be precise) Tyler and I were best friends. Our mums were high school best friends so we were thrust together at a young age. We lived next door to each other, our bedrooms windows directly opposite each other. We had countless conversations through walkie talkies late into the night. At school it was Tyler and Lia or Lia and Tyler- we were inseperable, he was the type of friend I could trust with my life so when I got told he was moving state, I was devastated. Ty was moving to New York, his dad had got a promotion. Fourteen year old me looked into Tyler’s blue eyes tears pouring down my face, I hugged him tight never wanting him to leave.

“Don’t forget me Amelia!” Tyler said miserably. He was the only person that called me by my full name Amelia, he always said if I looked like a princess I should sound like one too.

“Ty, how can I ever forget you!” I said as he squeezed my hand tight and that was the last I saw of my sweet best friend Ty. I spent a year crushed without him, a part of me gone with him. I missed him so much, so when I got told we were moving to New York, I hyperventilated for a good hour. My mother found a high paying job as a make-up artist so I would be attending Ty’s school. I thought it was goodbye Vermont and hello to the big apple and my Tyler but I was wrong Tyler had changed.

At first he completely ignored me, pretended he didn’t know me but there was nothing he could do when I confronted him and that’s when the bullying started. At Grove High school Tyler was a god, he was really popular and when a lanky girl like me with no sense of fashion, with white blonde hair that looks like it’s been dragged through a bush walks up to the popular table and ‘claims’ to be friends with someone like this new Tyler, she gets picked on. And because his friends picked on me so did he. Tyler told his friends some of my most embarrassing deepest secrets, when I wet myself in swimming class and the whole pool went green, they laughed at the time I was six and asked Tyler to marry me. “All girls throw themselves at you” Said one of his stupid friends. I hated it, all of it.Being stereotyped as one of those slutty girls that had no self-respect and threw themselves at mindless jocks because I was Lia, Ty’s best friend. Not some crazy girl that pretended to know Tyler. And the worst part was he called me Lia too now, I always knew I wasn’t that special princess Amelia he always made out I was, just plain old Lia but it hurt to know Tyler thought of me that way too now. Ty and Tyler became two different people. It was the only way I could treasure the moments I had with Ty, the only way I could remember how he used to be. Now seventeen I’d learnt to put up with the new Tyler.

“Oh look, what’s this?” Tyler snickered running his hands through his messy brown hair; at least one thing about Ty had stayed the same.

“Give me my books!” I ordered as he held the books that he had stolen from my locker. Pretending Ty and Tyler were different people sometimes was a bad thing I forgot that Tyler knew all my secrets too.

“Lia where are your manners, what’s the magic word?” Tyler said grinning; he held my books high in the air. I was tall but Tyler was taller.

“Please,” I said tiredly, I wasn't in the mood. If I didn't hurry up I would miss the bus and I would be walking home in the snow. I looked around, the corridors had emptied as students rushed to get home to a warm cup of cocoa.

“What’s magical about please?” Tyler said and took off down the corridor. I groaned as I chased after him, sliding against the snow slushed floor. Suddenly he came to a stop. He flung my books into the boys toilets.

“No way! Are you serious?” I shouted, he just grinned like an idiot. I was tired and hungry and the bus had definitely left by now.

“What, too chicken to go get’em?” Tyler sniggered. It made his crystal blue eyes sparkle and those cut dimples were so adorable-

Maybe everyone was right, maybe I was going crazy. Tyler has cute dimples? Your not supposed to think your enemy has cute dimples.

“No, I’m not chicken, I just-“I stutter but Tyler interrupts me.

“Please Lia; we all know you’re a good girl!” Tyler said raising his eyebrows disbelievingly. Everyone thought I was a teacher’s pet, which I was not. When Ty pretended not to know me I shut off, kept to myself, did what I was told. But how was I to know I’d get an award for it. Yep Student of the Year, I was humiliated in front of the whole school and I wished more and more I could move back to Vermont. But of course my mother didn't understand. As far as she was concerned Tyler and I were fine. That’s what we pretended to be when we were forced to have dinner at each other’s houses, exchanging pleasant hellos. To our parents we were still friends just not as close as we used to be but how wrong they were.

“What just ‘cause I’m not in your face bad ass like you?” I snapped.

“Going into the boys bathroom half an hour after school is hardly bad ass!” Tyler said. Why was I even talking to him? I had other things to do with all the after school stuff my mum made me do to improve my ‘social skills’ and anyway they were just some chemistry book. I could just ask Mr Lanton for some new ones although he’d probably do that annoying tut thing teachers do when usually you’re the ‘perfect student’. Sometimes I wished they’d just quit with the disappointed speech and just shout at me.

I stormed off making my way towards the entrance and of course Tyler was in hot pursuit behind me.

“Wow, never thought you’d back down so-“Tyler begun but stopped as we both stare at the entrance. I start hyperventilating, it couldn't be happening, I couldn't be stuck with him not after three years of avoiding him. Walking into school the back way just so I didn't see him, eating lunch in the library, even paying extra money to take the bus across town just so we don’t see each other and now I’m trapped in school with him for who knows how long.

The snow was piled high and I knew there was no way we could get out so I made my way to the back entrance. As usual Tyler had reacted to the problem much quicker than I did, he was already there. He slammed his fists against the door barricaded with snow.

“Why her; of all people, why do I have to be stuck with her?” He muttered obviously not realizing I was right behind him. But I was and I had feelings.

“Is it really that bad to be with me?” I asked but to be honest it was more of a statement. My voice wavered slightly and I knew I was being hysterical for no reason other than the fact that I was stuck in school with a person who hated me. When Tyler didn't answer I snapped,

“If you didn't break into my locker, have me chase you around the school like an idiot and finally chuck my books into the boys bathroom we wouldn’t be in this mess!” I looked up at Tyler and was surprised to see, he looked a little guilty. But I wasn't falling for it he was probably just mocking me. For it to block us in the snow must have been falling hard and fast, I needed to get help.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket.

“Hello nine one one, what’s your emergency?”

“Errm hi, I’m Amelia Jones and I’m stuck in school, the snow….” I said my mind reeling, was this really happening.

“Ahh I see, Amelia are you alone and how old are you?”

“I’m seventeen and no Tyler Banks is here too!” I replied but I might as well be alone, as I watched him over in the corner having a hissy fit.

“Well honey I’ll contact the police but this is the biggest snow storm of the season, we've had a lot of calls so try to stay calm and stay on the line okay?”

“Ummm okay.” I lowered the phone to my shoulder as I was put on hold.

“Good job idiot, now we’re stuck here all night!” I spat. Tyler looked up at me his eyes turning to stone.

“Hey I’m not happy either; I have better things to do then to spend my time with a loser like you!” Tyler said.

“Yeah I bet you’d rather spend your time with all the bimbos and airheads you call friends!” I said sending him a glare.

“It’s better than reading a dictionary all day!” Tyler snapped back. If I carried on arguing with him I’d be there all day so I made my way up the stairs.

I looked out the window at the brightness of the streets covered in layers of snow, the streetlights flickered it looked like a ghost town.

Suddenly I heard a voice through the phone,

“Hello?” The woman said.

“Hello!” I said bringing the phone to my ear, as I explained my situation to the police, the conversation became more and more terrifying. I watched the expression on Tyler’s face as I repeated some of the outrageous things the police had told me, I would've laughed if I wasn't feeling the same way.

“But your emergency services and this is an emergency, you have to rescue us!” I yelled down the phone.

“Miss, please calm down, at the moment all the roads are blocked and the power is down in half the city, we’re barely getting from place to place,” Said officer James. “We will come and get you but it’s going to take a while!”

“What’s a while?” I croaked, I didn't like where this was going.

“As we know your in a safe environment your not top priority but even if you were Grove High school is a good hour away in good weather so I’d say…a good few days!” I dropped the phone. Tyler picked it up,

“Hello?” He said but of course they had hung up, when I regained the talent of speech, explaining to Tyler was a whole other ordeal.

“We are going to die, we’ll starve to death or kill each other before we get out of here!” Tyler yelled and then he went crazy. Trash bins went flying, desks were knocked over, at one point I thought I would be kicked over too. For some reason Tyler turning into the Tasmanian devil from Looney Tunes calmed me. Even though spending up to five days, one hundred and sixty eight hours with Tyler Banks my sworn enemy scared the hell out of me, I would cope,somehow.

“Calm down, we’re just gonna have to make the best out of a bad situation!” I said calmly while Tyler continued to dent the nearest locker which just so happened to be mine.

“No I won’t calm down; I had things to do tonight!” Tyler shouted. Oh he so shouldn't have said that. My calm composure which to be honest was just a facade crumbled away, my knuckles tightened. Tyler had taken his crazy pills and now it was my turn to take mine.

You had to do things tonight, YOU HAD TO DO THINGS TONIGHT, oh please you have no idea what it’s like to be busy, I have to work a job cleaning toilets just to get by in New York because a fourteen year old girl missed her best friend so much her mother gave up everything to move but all for nothing ‘cause he rejected her and now she’s thrown into every youth club there is because she’s a loner and everyone thinks she’s a psychopath!” I shouted pounding my fists against his chest, he grabbed my wrists.

“I’m sorry!” Tyler said simply. What, WHAT? No snappy comeback, nasty comment or maybe he was being sarcastic? No, no hint of sarcasm in his voice. I couldn't handle this, an apology from Tyler? I did the only thing I could I walked off.

My combat boots led me to the teachers’ lounge. I hesitated for a second but what the heck I thought and pushed open the door, stumbling in and locking the door behind me. It wasn't until I was sitting on the floor leaning against the door that I let the first tear roll down my cheek. I missed Tyler….


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