the secret life of alison monroe

Blurb: By day she is school girl Alison Monroe but by night she is super spy agent a m. She has to go back and forth all the time. When she has to go to new York from England her parents feel something is up. Will her secret be revealed?


2. the meeting with the head teacher


The drive to school was 15 minutes. It felt really long. Her mum parked out side the school gate.

From along way a way it looked tiny. You could see the trees that covered the door and the giant sign that said "HUGH WILLIAMS GRAMMER SCHOOL founded in 1958 by roland parker who died in 2000 at the age 72." You could see the children running.

Nearer the building you could see the wall were you go in. it had bricks stacked neatly and at the top of the wall you could see a big chip. The bricks were a beige colour with grey dots. There was a black door with the words "Welcome" across it. The roof had square tilling that was red. In the building it was cold. There were paintings on the wall cropped side ways. There were lots of certifacates.

The head teachers office was small. It had a few photos.

Alison sat down on the chair when she got in. Her mum sat next to her. 

"The head teacher will be coming any minute now," said Alison's mum.

They waited a minute before he came.

"Hello. I am the new head teacher mister ross. You must be the new student Alison," said mister ross.

"yes she is Alison. As we did this meeting with a different head teacher you must just want to re run the details before we start?" said Alison's mum.

"No, I already have them. So lets go through what lessons you are taking," said mister ross

"Well I am taking food technology, art and music. I am taking geography and macheine making," said Alison.

"Ok, Now on your last meeting you didn't really look at the school so I am going to take you on a tour to look at your classes," said mister ross.

"Ok that would be nice," said Alison's mum.

The tour was quick. They saw the class rooms.

"Well that is the end of our meeting. I hope you enjoy it here," said mister ross.

At that moment she had started her life at her new school.


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