Helping Niall Horan.....

Mariah a typical girl who was home alone when she was watching a twitcam of One Direction. The boy of 1D decided to prank call somebody. Niall started to cry and she helps him what will happen will they fall in love or will somebody else become in a relationship with her?


2. Phone call :)

*1 week later*

My friend Alicia was over. we were sitting on the couch surfing through the channels on TV. Then randomly my phone started to ring. I haven't gotten any messages or calls for quite awhile so who could that be? I got off the couch in a hurry to get my phone of the counter on which it sat on and answered.

"Hello," I said not knowing it was on the other side of the phone.

"hello is this Mariah?" a man said. I didn't recognize the voice.

"Uh yeah and who is this?" I asked casually.

"Niall," he simply stated. I now realized the Irish accent and was shaking. Why would he call me? how did he get my number?

"oh hello," I say.

"what are you doing tonight?" he asked.

"with a friend may I ask why?"

"I wanted to see if we could possibly hang out for a bit? I just want to get to the know the person who helped me, but I guess your busy," he said and I could hear the sadness in his voice.

"oh uh sorry," honestly I really really want to go hang out with him. I suddenly remembered how he got my number I gave it to him a week ago. I totally forgot I never thought I would talk to him again!

"It's alright love but could you possibly bring her with you?" he asked clearly he really wanted to hang out too.

"uh I could ask but she is a big time directioner like me so she ma freak out," I say.

"That's alright we kind of get use to it. we could let her meet the others and stay with them and you and I could go hang out for a bit if you would like."

"Alright let me ask her"

"Alicia do you want to go out somewhere tonight?" I asked as I covered the phone "Also were going to meet some people that I know you'll love!" I added.

"Yeah sure! Where are e going though?"

"Its a surprise!"

"She said sure" I say to Niall.

"so this is a little late but where do you live?" I gave him my address. Luckily he was in my state I don't know how that happened. 

"Alright I meet you at the park?"

"Alrighty see you there" with that I hung up.



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