Helping Niall Horan.....

Mariah a typical girl who was home alone when she was watching a twitcam of One Direction. The boy of 1D decided to prank call somebody. Niall started to cry and she helps him what will happen will they fall in love or will somebody else become in a relationship with her?


14. nooo! it cant be!

Mariah's POV


"Niall?" I asked?

"What? oh hey!" he says.

"Whats wrong?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Come on Niall I know you know what Im talking about!"

"Mariah you know I love you from the moon and back right?"

"Of course! Why?"

"I had a dream more like a nightmare last night. and I just don't want what happened there to happen here."

"Niall what happened in that dream?"

"well-" he was cut off by my phone ringing. I take it out to see it was Alicia.

"Sorry Niall I have to take this." I walk into the living room and sit on the couch.


"Hi Mariah, Um have you talked to you parents lately?" She said and she was crying as if something had happened.

"Um no why?"  I say a bit worried.

"Well uh maybe you should call them! They are worried sick about you "

"Ok Alicia thanks ill call now bye" I hung up with her and called my parents.

"Hello? Mom?"

"oh-my-god-ur -ur -al-alive?" she answered sobbing in the phone?

"yes mom what happened whys did you think I was dead??" I asked this is not good!!!

"Turn- on-th-the-ne-news" She said and hung up.

 I immediately turned on the news. And saw that there had been a huge crash involving a car with 5 people and another car  with 3 people. They then told the people who were in the car with 5 people Harry, Louis Liam, Zayn,  and a girl who happened to look like me named Monica. Then they stated that from that car there had been 2 deaths. WAIT WHAT? 2 People!!!! I started balling my eyes out.

"NIALL COME IN HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!" Niall came running in and his mouth dropped open when he saw that he had died.....


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