Helping Niall Horan.....

Mariah a typical girl who was home alone when she was watching a twitcam of One Direction. The boy of 1D decided to prank call somebody. Niall started to cry and she helps him what will happen will they fall in love or will somebody else become in a relationship with her?


6. just a walk.... or not.

"Niall don't!" I cryed.

"I need to!"

"Niall please!"i begged "I don't want him to hate me more then he already does" Niall hung up the phone and looked at me.

"Im sure he doesn't hate you. He was probably just joking around." he stated. I nodded my head just so we would stop arguing. I just fell really bad I didn't mean anything I said to him. I feel like im dying inside.  Niall pulled back on to the road.

"Niall how long till well be there?" I asked.

"about 3 minutes," he states.

"Good," I looked out the window again. When we finally got to Niall's surprise he stopped the car.  Although we were in the middle of no where. I just went with it. Niall took my hand and we started to walk. I gave him a confused face for a few reasons. First why does he constantly go for my hand and second where are we going. He looked down on me and asked


"uh" I didn't know what to say. "Why do you constantly go for my hand?" I asked hoping I didn't hurt his feelings.

"Oh sorry," he says and pulls he hand away.

"its alright I don't mind just wanted to know." I say back. we kept walking for a little while and finally without me realizing we stopped and we were looking in each others eyes. I didn't know whether or not to take a step back or stay in this position. I was looking in his beautiful blue eyes when i saw him starting to lean in. Although i didn't know if i wanted to i went with it. In seconds i felt his warm smooth lips on mine. He pulled away soon after and i felt like i was in heaven.

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