Helping Niall Horan.....

Mariah a typical girl who was home alone when she was watching a twitcam of One Direction. The boy of 1D decided to prank call somebody. Niall started to cry and she helps him what will happen will they fall in love or will somebody else become in a relationship with her?



Niall's POV

Why did she run away? What did I do? I cant let this happen again! I wont let what happened to Samantha and I happen to Mariah and I. I just cant loose her. I felt something with Mariah that I can not explain.

I decided to walk back to my car. I got up and started to walk back to my car. On the way there all I could think about was Mariah and that kiss. I can figure out what was so special about it.

Harry's POV

What is it about Mariah that make me want her? She is beautiful, but that cant be it. Her eyes sparkle in the light and her hair falls perfectly, but that cant be it either. What is it. I need to get her before Niall or anybody else does.

Stranger Mariah met in Starbucks' POV

That jerk didn't say anything about me to her. She's not even pretty, She's plain. She cant have him he is mine! Im going to do something about this. When nobody is expecting it. He's going to regret ever breaking up with me!!





SORRY GUYS this chapter sucks I didn't know what to do. I've been busy. LOTS of drama is going on right now.......





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