Helping Niall Horan.....

Mariah a typical girl who was home alone when she was watching a twitcam of One Direction. The boy of 1D decided to prank call somebody. Niall started to cry and she helps him what will happen will they fall in love or will somebody else become in a relationship with her?


1. Are you ok Niall

Its a Cold November night Im was home alone in my apartment and decided that I was going to see if 1D did a twitcam lately. I logged on to my laptop and went on to the internet. Luckily I saw that the whole band was sitting there doing a twitcam right now and it looked as if it had just started. There was my dream guy Niall Horan right next to Louis. It has always been my dream to meet them. Well that'll never happen.

"Guys you want call a fan?" I heard Louis.

"sure why not," 

"Hello this is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction" Louis says

oh that person it so lucky! I thought to myself.

"can you speak to Niall? Sure Niall she wants to talk to you," Louis says handing the phone to him. suddenly Niall started to cry.

"Niall what's wrong mate" Harry asked. Niall got off the couch and ran away crying. This made me want to cry.

I went onto twitter on my phone and decided to tweet Niall.

"Niall if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to follow me and ill give you my number and you can call although im a directioner I wont bug you I promise. " I wrote. Suddenly I got a follow. I almost flipped out when I saw that Niall followed me and DMed me but im NOT going to break my promise to Niall im not going to bug him. I opened the DM and he asked if I had a Skype. I answered him yes. and then gave it to him. About a minute later I was getting a call from im guessing Niall on Skype. Again trying to hold in my fangirling I answered and NIALL HORANs face popped on the screen. He was crying.

"Hello Niall" I said Casually.

"Hi" he said crying.

"what's the matter?" I asked him.

"you were watching the twitcam right?" he asked. I nodded. "that person who asked to speak to me she was telling me how I don't deserve to be in the band and that im ugly and so on," he stated still balling his eyes out.

"Niall you shouldn't let people put you down. ignore them! I Ignore people who make fun of me. They call me ugly and a slut and everything else. Niall trust me you are not at all ugly! You are amazing and in my eyes perfect the way you are. They're just jealous of you. If you weren't in One Direction it just wouldn't be the same!" I stated.

"Thank you" he says to me. " But I just don't know how I can just ignore it. by the way what's you name?"

"My name is Mariah. and believe me Niall its not easy but just don't let it get to your head," I says before I heard banging on Niall's door.

"Mariah thank you for all your help ill try to keep all that in mind. The boys are banging on the door; would you like to meet them," Niall says and he calmed down quite a bit.

"sure," I say kinda to excitedly. I saw Niall unlock his bedroom door and let the boys in. They were asking him a whole lot of questions like "Niall what happened?", "who were you talking to" or "Are you ok?"

"Boys I was talking to a random fan who messaged me on twitter telling me if I need to I could talk to her. Her name is Mariah and Im fine now Mariah helped me,"

"well thank you Mariah," the boys all told me.

"No problem" I say trying so hard not to scream. It was all good and amazing skyping One of them but now all? OMG.

"Mariah im gonna go now maybe will do this some other time" Niall Says to me.

"sure anytime you'd like," I tell him. I was about to hang up when Niall stopped me by saying:

"Wait what is your number just in case" I gave him my number and I was about to say just and case what but then he hung up.

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