and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


14. where's niall? and alex?

when i woke up, niall was gone. so was alex. me and bebe got up at the same time. where did they go we said at the same time. i called niall and bebe called alex none of them picked up to our calls. we both were scared because we didnt know where they went only nialls car was gone. and bebes and alexs rental car was still in the drive way, along with my car. we made some tea and sat on the couch. bebe looked mad.

"why do you look mad?"

"i am tia, look at the obvious, they left and didnt tell us where they were going... i mean what he hell?!"

"im not mad at niall. not at all" "they could just be hanging out"

"at 9:30 in the morning?" "ok, i dont really know if you noticed but alex is lazy, he doesnt go anywhere untill at least 12 the earlist"

after she said that we heard a car pull up we didnt bother to look out the window you could tell it was niall because i can tell his laugh. they walked in with two victoria secret bags. nialls was big and alex had a medium sized bag. me and bebe looked at each other with that "what the....?" kindda look on our faces.

"we got you guys gifts!" niall yelled "but me and tia will open ours in our bedroom, bebe and alex can open theres in their room". me and niall walked into the bedroom, we sat on the bed and he gave me the V.S. bag,

"niall you di-" he cut me off by putting his finger over my lips and saying shh. i countiued by opinning the bag i pulled out a tshirt that had a hot pink and black british flag on the front and it had sparkles. i smiled.

"this is pretty babe"

"theres more stuff too." niall said as he placed his right hand on my thigh. next i pulled out two cheetah print bras that matched my bed. i smiled

"ooo pretty!" "and matching undies"

"you will be wearing that tonight for me" niall said with a cheeky smile.

"baby, you really didnt have to just go out and by all this for me, thank you though."

"i wanted too your my sweet heart" "i love you" niall said as he slowly started to kiss me. there was a knock on my bedroom door, then 2 seconds after bebe came in. she was smiling really big.

" that was so nice of you guys to go out and get us gifts" bebe said

"yeah, it was my idea" niall said

"well that was sweet." bebe told niall as she walked out the room.

niall looked at me, and i looked at him then he winked and i giggled. then he started to lean and i though he was going to kiss me but he started tickling me i was rolling everywhere yelling STOP NIALL. PLEASE BABE IM GUNNA PEE! but he countinued and i fell off the bed and hit my head on the night stand.


"OMG baby are you okayy?" niall yelled, i started laughing.

"yes, im ok." niall took a deep breath and said good, and that he got scared because he thought his angel was hurt.

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