and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


7. warm fire

when i got home i lit the fire and put my hair in a bun and put on a big tee that was josh's. i grabbed a bag of crisp's and sat by the fire. it was 9 and niall never called i was sad. but when i got up to throw away the crisp's bag my phone was ringing, i looked it was niall. i started jumping evrywhere.


"hi mate, whatsup??"

"chilling by the fire eating crisp's talking to you"

"sounds fun, who are you chilling with?"

"nobody." i said sadly

"wellll i can can chang that"

"you sound cheeky" i was laughing

"mind if i come over?"

"not at all"

whats the street name bae?"

"brick lane"

"be ready for me. shall be there in 10"

"okay" i said and i hung up.

about 10 minutes i saw head lights pull up in my drive way. i opened the door and niall came in with wine. red wine my fav!

"you didnt have to niall"

"well i wanted to, so drinkn it up mate, wheres the cups?"

"second cabneit down in the kitchen" he grabbed two and came back into the living room

"its a beautiful house"

"thank you"

nialls POV**

we were just getting comfy talking about whats going on in our lifes and yeah i still cant stop thinking about the fact that she killed somebody it shows she can fight back withoutn the help of someone else. thats really hot, and so was she, her beautiful long dirty blond hair her bright green eyes she's short and cute and just really funny. i wanted to kiss her but i cant because i dont want to seem like that fast boy and make her uncomfertable and not talk to me ever again.


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