and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


3. the talk.

its december 2012, im leaving to london in 2 weeks. but befor i go i need to talk to my mum about this, i dont have a dad he left when i was 13. i called my mum and she told me that she thinks its best for me to travle now because i need to start school soon. i was happy that she was okay with it.

i think i should start packing everthing now im renting a flat down there for a few months then i need to come back home for my mum. hours past and i was getting tired so i stopped packing for a bit. waht should i do? i dont want to go out now its 2:30 in the morning i think i will paint my toe nails they look ugly. what color tho? pink! i love pink. i started playing some ed sheeran i love ed and i painted my nails.

i woke up with ed still playing and me holding a botttol of nail polish. i put the lid on and put it away in a box im so tired and i still have to pack up everthing. ugh so much to do.  *KNOCK KNOCK* somebody was here i opened the door it was my bestfriend bebe. her name is beeana but she doesnt like it so i call her bebe. i heard the news your goingn to london? um yeah i am. bebe looked down im gunna miss you tia you know that. yes i know and im gunna miss you too but hey!, sometime i can drive up and get you and you can stay with me for a few weeks. that would be awesome tia. yeah so i stared packing. oh really hows it going ti? good bebe calls me ti for short. i love it. would you like some crisp's and soda bebe? yes please we sat and ate our crisp's and watched love actually. good movie i love it. more hours passed and bebe was about to leave because she has plans with her boyfirnd tonight.

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