and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


6. the libary

i didnt know what to do. its been 3 days and i have'nt left the houes yet to explore. i guess i can look online what to do i found an old libary down the street to go to. i started my car to get the heat running. i got in a drove down about 1 mile and i was there is was really fancy. i like it, i put them on instagram. i got a lot of likes, and a comment from josh "beautiful town babe, miss you already" i didnt say anything back because i didnt know what to say. i walked up to the libary with my coffee in one hand and my iphone in the other. i wass'nt looking where i was going then i ran into somebody i was still looking down at gray vans, and black skinnkys. sorry mate. nono its my fault i said as i was looking up. my eyes met with bright blue ones and beautiful brownish/ blond hair. the names niall lad.

"oh hey there niall."

"wow your not screaming like most girls do when i run into them."

"haha". i akwardly laughed "yeah im a fan of your band but not one of thoes crazed fans."

"well thats good i tend to meet a lot of that type. its nice to meet a calm fan."

"i bet." i said smiling.

"are you from around here?" niall asked

"no im from leeds, um can we countinue this convo inside im starting to freezz?" niall laughed and started walking in, i followed him.

we sat at a table for two in the corner of the libary.

"so where you from again?" niall asked

"um, leeds, the small town up there."

"and i didnt catch you name. it is...?"

"uhh its tia sorry i was distracted trying to clean up the coffee off my pants out there."

"its nice to meet you tia, you have very beautiful eyes there so green."

"thank you, and yours as well their pretty, i love blue eyes" niall was smiling, and blushing as well.

"so your from leeds but in london, why? family, holiday, just for fun?"

" its a really really long story" i said looking down with a sad face.

"aw, you dont have to tell me then if it makes you feel sad" said niall

"no, let me tell you." niall got comfy and looked at me deep. "i was 17 i was working at a cake shop, when suddenly we had a break in the 3 men took all the money we had. we all went home early i came home to my boyfriend cheating on me. the girl left and after that i called him a scum bag he got mad at pushed me onto the bed he tryed raping me i grabbed a knife that was on the night stand and i killed him i wassnt charged because i was using self deffence. after that i was stuck in the town for two years and i really dont want to go back but i have to in march for 2 weeks for my mum."

" wow tia, im so sorry, he sounded like a really sick man."

"he was"


"well i have to get this book and get out of here. oh can i get your number??"

"yes you can." i wrote it down and gave it to niall.

"thanks" he said laughing ill call you at 6:30, you better pick up the phone miss tia. he said winking. i was laughing

"okay mr. horan"



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