and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


4. our goodbyes

i called my mum and told her to come, i called bebe and her boyfriend, and last someone who means everything to me my bestfriend josh. josh told me a few months ago that he liked me, and you can still tell that he does. josh is perfect, if i was staying i would date him but i dont want to hurt him when i find a new boy in london. josh has dark hair dimples and baby blue eyes hes like an angel. once evrybody got there i told them what the plan was. hi guys well today im leaving for london as you all know, and i plan to visit back in march. im going to miss all of you but you know my instagram, face time, skype, and my twiitah name. just keep me updated with things going on back here at home and i can skype you almost everyday. i looked at my mom she was crying. mum why are you crying? its just that my only baby is going away, but i want you to travle now before school. i started crying a little bit then bebe started to. guys dont make me sad for the road i want a happy goodbye guys. well its time guys. everybody followed me out to my car a hug and kiss from mom, and really huge hug from bebe, and a nice light hug from alex bebe's boyfriend, and from josh... not whaty i expected i expected and nice long hug and our little hand shake we made up when we were 14, but instaed he kissed me. not a light kiss but a rough passionate kiss. everybody gasped and josh tured as red as ed sheerens hair. well im not going to lye i didnt know josh could kiss that good i actually liked it. well goodbye everybody i love you all. i got in the car turend on one direction and cranked it! and i drove off. i looked out the back and saw everybody waving good bye. WOOOO! i yelled off to london

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