and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


12. off to get bebe.

i poped out of bed as soon as the alarm went off. ITS TIME TO GO GET BEBE!!!!! im sooo happy i miss her!

"niall, baby get up! time to go get bebe and her boyfriend!!"

niall slowly rolled out of bed he was only in his boxers he walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. hes came back and grabbed his clothes he was wearing blue today. a blue snapback and a blue slim tee that said "london boy" on it. with gray skinnys, god he looks so sexy. i was wearing black skinnys white boots a t-shirt that said "wonderland" on it with a gray bennie. i curled my hair today and actually put my rutainer in i dont like it tho. we didnt have time to make breakfast so we stopped along the way. we got coffee and doughnuts. yummy. niall looked down ad saw my 1D take me home album. he laughed. i laughed too. hours passed and hours passed when we finally got to leeds. "were here babe"

"yaaay, wheres bebe baby/"

"1 mile up" we pulled into her driveway a few minutes later. she was outside with alex. she saw my car and ran to it. "TIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAA!" I rolled down the window and stuck my head out. "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEE!" "put all your stuff in the back trunk and hop in my ride.

as soon as bebe got in she saw niall.

"i take it this is your boyfriend"

"yes it is"

"hi the names bebe nice to meet you niall'

"nice to meet you too bebe and alex" they both smiled at niall. we drove off. we talked the whole way down to london and shared some laughs.

"hows london?" bebe asked

"so amazing, better than leeds!" we laughed. hours later we got back to my flat. when bebe saw it she told me how beautiful it was. we all walked into the flat.

"woooooooooooooow, how nice tia, its pretty, wheres my room'

"across from mine down the hall, i painted it purple just for you"

"you didnt"

"i did!"

"wow its nice, alex baby lets get settled in come check the room, its nice!" they unpacked and after we all went out for dinner to nandos. niall sugusted it.

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