and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


9. monday night

niall just walked in. he looked really cute. he had a bag. it was just plain black with horan on it. what is that?

"a bag.."

"whats in it?"

"stuff" niall said as he had a big smile on his face.

"niall tell me plase?"

"im not telling you untill we talk"

"okay lets talk in my bedroom"

"okay" niall said

we walked into my bedroom. im not going to lie, i was scared.

"when i met you at the libary, i didnt think we would talk after words. i thought we would just say hey and walk away. but that didnt happen, tia last night i watched you fall asleep in my arms, you look like an angel and i cant stop thinking about you i know we just met 2 days ago but you got somthing that i keep coming back for, and i like it.. a lot. your beatiful truley. and i have a secret.."

"what?" i wispered...

"i like you.. a lot" it was quit for about 5 seconds. we were staring at each other i started leaning to his lips. befor i knew it he grabbed my face and kissed me.

"i was waiting for that" i said as we pulled away. "that was good"

"want seconds?" niall said with a quick wink

"mmmm cheeky little boy are you" niall laughed and rolled on top of me. next thing you know we were making out. we made out for about 5 minutes then niall said he wanted to watch the movie and cuddle. so we did niall was shirtless and i was in under clothes. this is so perfect. but then my phone started ringing it was in the kitchen. who the hell? i looked oh shit it was josh.


"you never called babe"

"dont call me that"

"what... babe why not"

"were not together"

"fine then what are you doing..... TIA"

"with somebody" i said "what do you want your really starting to annoy me josh" i rolled my eyes then i heard niall coming out of the bedroom.

"who the hell are you with"

"niall" niall was smiling at staring at me

"who the fuck is niall"

"my fucking boyfriend josh stop calling me ok call it done, really i came to london for fun and to exsacpe from leeds call it a quits before i punch you and im not sorry for saying this. you were my bestfriend and now your pushing it to far im not your girlfriend. im not you bestfriend anymore im a stranger now to you josh"

"wow so thats what you had hidden inside of your discusting soul, whatever have fun with your boyfriend niall" he hung up but i felt bad.

i started crying. "baby come here" niall said i walk to him he hugged me

"he's wrong baby your right he was pushing you way to far and you know he was you did the right thing baby" some of the words cheered me up but i was still crying a little bit "look at me babe" i looked up at niall

"stop beautiful, its okay your with me" he picked me up bridal style and carried me to the bed.

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