and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


8. monday morning

it was monday morning and i must have passed out on nialls lap last night because i dont remember saying goodbye and him leaving. i woke up to a slowly dying fire. my phone was almost dead and i had two messages one from josh and one from niall.


"last nigh was fun(: we should hang again soon"


i miss you. call me sometime today when you get the chance"

nialls made me smile, and josh was really starting to annoy me, i dont really like him. i just like him as a friend. thats all. i could never see us together. but i dont want to tell him thats going to hurt him really bad. i made my self a waffle and drank OJ. i called niall.



"hi niall its tia, i got a new movie i was wondering if you wanted to come watch it with me tonight around 8"

"yes! i would love to see you around 8-ish bae"


i was soo happy i get to see niall. i think im falling for him. OH MY GOD! im falling for niall! i needed to clean my room and the living room. i spent over 2 hours making my room tighty and neat for niall because he didnt get to see the rest of the house last night. i painted my room pink and put cheetah bedding on my bed. i was getting really bored. so i went shopping at this really cool mall about 4 miles down the road. maybe i can get a cute outfit for tonight. or a diffrent hat to go with these skinny jeans. i was at the mall for a good 3 hours then i was getting hungry so i went home and made salad. im a really big healthy eater. i looked at the clock and it was 7:50. i got a text from niall saying that he was on his way. i started smiling big. i lit some candles and played music, i also lit the fire as well.

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