and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


17. meeting harry.

so here's what me and niall did, first we went to go eat. then we went to the mall he bought me so much stuff. then we went to the movies, then we came home.

me and niall walked into the door. we sat our stuff on the couch my bags took up the whole couch. it was 7. and Harrys coming over around 8-ish.

"babe im going to the corner store to get wine for tonight. harry likes wine so I figured we can have a few glasses. I will be right back."

"okay" I yelled from the bed room. I heard niall walk out and the door shut. the floor needed to be vacuumed so I plugged in the vacuum and cleaned a little bit before niall came back home. when I was done vacuuming I went in the kitchen and mopped the floor it was sticky because bebe spilled orange juice on it. speaking of bebe I wonder when she's going to be back with Alex. they went to a really long play it should be over around 10 but I think she's stopping by to visit her grandma that lives not to far from me. I heard a car pull up. it's obviously niall, he came in with two bags. one with two bottles of wine, and the other had candy in it. I take it that that's for me because he knows how much I love candy. he set them on the table.

"he's on his way he's not far so it's going to be about 5 minutes then he should be here." niall told me

"okay" I told him back. niall went into the room and changed into a different outfit. I know Harrys coming over and all but I think I might just put on some yoga shorts and a t-shirt. I think the colds not going away Im feeling sick again. im not dressing up to meet someone new. niall came out wearing a plane gray t-shirt no snapback this time and black jeans. he was dressing down too. I heard a knock on the was harry. harry came in the door I don't plan on telling this to niall but harry does look really sexy. he looked at me I died a little inside he has that seductive stare.

"who's the pretty lady niall?" harry asked

"my girlfriend tia. I forgot to tell you we met at the library she's from Leeds.." niall explained

"hmm she's really pretty." harry told niall

"yeah she's a beauty." niall said as he walked over to hug me. I love nialls hugs, I feel safe in his arms.

"so I take it this is her house niall?" harry asked

"yes it is she's staying till march. she has to go back to Leeds for her mum" niall explained again. I couldn't help but notice harry staring at me. every time I look he looks away quickly. I hope he doesn't try and make a move on me when niall walks away.  went into the kitchen and fixed up some glasses of wine. harry said thanks nialler! I felt hands on my ass. I took a big gulp and hoped it wasn't harry. I turned around. thank the lord it was niall.

"when harry leaves around 9:30 what do you say we kick things off in the bed room like our clothes... if you know what I mean I want you to rock me" niall whispered in my ear as he moved down to my neck sucking on it leaving a small hickey.

"sounds really good babe" I told him holding his head against my neck. he let go when harry came in the kitchen to get more wine. when the night settled harry left at 9:30 and bebe wasn't home yet. so which means me and niall can kick off our plan in the bed room. me and niall walked into the room and turned the lights off. 

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