and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.



i just got to london its beautiful. im driving down the road looking for the flat im renting. i was told it was on brick lane. i passed many streets then i saw brick main. mr. reemly told me the 5th flat down with and white car in the drive way thats his car hes waiting for me to arrive. i found it its really beautiful. pretty brick finish. with a nice deck out back. i pulled in almost hitting mr. reemly's car because i was focaused on the beautiful flat. hello mr. reemly, good day today. yes hello your name is? tia. oh yes sorry i forgot. well lets stop the blabber and look inside its cold. yes we shall. we walked in to a nice comferting living room with a big fire place. how many rooms again? 3 mr. reemly said. prefect. there was a big kitche and a sun room in the back conected to the party deck. this is so lovley mr. reemly ill takes the keys now and be happy. mr. reemly smiled and said thankyou while handing me the keys. have a nice day. thanks you too mr. reemly. after he left i made my self at home i put up pictures set up my bedroom coneccted the tv. i put all the kitchen stuff how i liked. and made a really nice office for my self in the small room and the medium sized room was for bebe when she comes to stay next month. im painting it purple for her. her faviorit color. i figured to wait 3 or 4 days before i go out to explore the streets. im hoping to make friends around here or maybe a boyfriend hopefully. but what about josh? i really dont want to hurt him. thats the only guy on my mind ... josh its tatted on my brain. i thought i should go to sleep its been a really long day that kiss that josh gave me is still tingiling my lips i like it. well i need sleep good night.

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