and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


16. let's go out.

the next morning I sat up and looked at niall, he was already awake. he passed me a really big smile.

"last night was good... really good"

"yeah it was." I told niall, he looked kind of sad.

"niall..." I whispered to him.

"yeah baby?" he said softly

"what's wrong?" I asked him

"nothing love, I just feel bad. last night I hurt you, I mean I hurt you so bad what kind of boyfriend does that and I know Amy kissed me first and all but still seeing you cry like that, I mean you were crying pretty hard you couldn't even get off the floor, you were red, I could tell you were getting dizzy just from crying so hard, and I keep seeing you in my head like that, and that's not how I usually see you in my head, when I see you in my head I see a beautiful, great, amazing angel. I want hat girl back in my head, so I decided... to take you out today where do you want to go..? lets go any where you want, we can take my car too so we don't have to use your gas.. what do you say? 

"awww, baby you don't have too really I feel bad because I beat the shit out of your best friend.."

"ha! well for one she's not my best friend any more I called her this morning when you were sleeping and told her not to talk to me ever again. and I don't care about the fact that you beat the shit out of her... I thought that was actually really hot... when you did that, but really lets get ready because im taking you out until you want to come home" 

"haha okay babe, im taking a shower first" I went to got walk out the bedroom but niall stopped me. "what niall?"

"lets save the water..... and take a shower together!" he smiled "pweeeeeeez?"

"ha okay! fine"

we got in the shower together and got ready, while I was in the shower I was thinking of places to go... the movies, shopping, lunch? god I have no idea well lunch does sound good right now. niall got out the shower first. while I was still in there I yelled "babe can we stop and get lunch first?"

"sure thing babe! oh and one last thing when we get home harry is coming over to visit, do you care?"

"okay and no not at all, that sounds really cool, you guys ant going to kiss are you?" I said joking he laughed

"nooooooo were not" when I got out niall was already dressed wearing a snap back, some skinny jeans, and a t-shirt that said "the who" I already had an out fit. a gun n' rose's t-shirt, black beanie, gray high top's, and I was leaving my hair natural, wavy just the way niall likes it. I was ready me and niall walked out the door.

"oh wait... I forgot my money..hold on niall"

"you don't need money babe im buying you stuff, duh your my princes" niall told me

"okay, thanks baby I love you."

"I love you to princess" niall said after he kissed me    

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