and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


18. i might be.. having a baby.

the next day me and niall didn't wake up until 12, I guess we really did rock each other hard last night. when I walked out I saw bebes bags all packed. I forgot that her holiday is ending and she has to go back home for work. bebe was on the couch waiting for alex. I walked over and sat next to her. I hugged her.

"im going to miss you, but hey! I will be back up next month!" I told bebe as I was still hugging her

"im going to miss you as well. I hope you and niall last, he is all you need right now."  she said softly and looked at me

"thank you. yeah I hope so to, he's just... everything I wanted."

"it's not easy you know... it's not easy when your bestfriend says goodbye a lot, and leaves for months, but yeah like you said ill see you next month, just uh call me everyday if you can that would be absolutely amazing" bebe told me, she started crying.

"bebe, please don't. please, im sorry I should of listened to you when we were 17! I was stupid if I would of listen to you this wouldn't be happening right now, mike was a dick, I was to stupid to see, he hit me, called me his bitch, all I ever did was clean after him, bye him everything with my job money, what was my problem bebe?"

"you were young, you were different, you were blind. no you should have never listened to me, if you would have listened  to me you would have never met niall, tia... he's what you need." she stopped crying. niall and alex came out of the hallway, niall looked at me he saw tears running down my face. he ran over to me and hugged me. I buried my face into his chest, I felt safe. bebe got up from the couch. alex started grabbing bags.

"bebe im going to go start loading this into the taxi, its here."

"okay" bebe told alex. I got up from the couch and hugged bebe on last time, she started grabbing bags herself and bringing them out to alex. after all the bags were loaded they got into the taxi, I started crying again, bebe waved to me and alex waved to niall, they became good friends the week they were here. the taxi departed from my driveway, and faded in the distance, she was gone. I turned to niall still crying.

"come here baby." I walked to niall, and cried hard on his shoulder as he rocked me back and forth. "it's okay princess, shhh shh shhhh." I let go and looked niall in the eyes, he was wiping my tears, he kissed my nose.

"I love you babe." I told niall he smiled at me, kissed me one last time and went into the kitchen, I started to follow him but I stopped in the middle of the living room, I was breathing ok but I wasn't moving I looked like a post. I started getting dizzy, mouth watering, face pale. what's happening? I thought in my head. niall looked at me..

"babe? you look sick, you ok?" I couldn't reply to his question I was frozen. suddenly I ran, I ran into the bathroom, niall followed me. I lifted the toilet and threw up, niall was holding my hair and patting my back saying. shh your okay princess, I was crying I hate throwing  up. I spit one last time and flushed it. niall helped me up and guided me to the couch, he sat me on the couch and covered me with a blanket. and brought me some ice water to get the taste out my mouth.

"thanks baby" I told niall

"yeah sure" niall smiled back "you need anything babe?"

"my laptop please?" niall walked into the bedroom and grabbed it, he handed it to me and sat down. I think I might be pregnant... I'll look online for signs. I read a page or two and they all said the same thing, they said exactly what iv been feeling. my heart came out of my mouth, onto my lap, im really pregnant? well I know what to do, a test, when niall leaves tonight, I'll take it. but I don't know how to tell him. should I just flat out say it? it all running through my mind. but you never know I might not be. niall turned and looked at me.

"you sure you don't want to go out tonight with me?"

"no babe, im sick it's ok go out and have fun."

"ill feel bad, but I need to I haven't seen the lads from home in a long time" niall said with a half frown.

"niall... babe look at me, go out and don't feel bad, each time iv been sick you stayed home with me. go out, I want you to have fun" niall looked at me with a smile

"I love you tia."

"I love you too niall" I smiled at him, thinking wow I might be having your baby. 

niall left the house at 7 because he had to go pick up some friends. I was home alone laying on the couch. I lit the fire and got cozy. I was sitting there silence surrounded me, I could her the popping ashes. and me breathing. but nothing else, suddenly a knock on the door, a hard knock, two time's but slowly. I was scared, and I know its not niall, he just left and he has keys to get in. I looked trough the peek hole nobody was there, hmm probably kid's playing around. I put on some yoga pants a hoodie and my converse, and grabbed my car keys, I need to go get that pregnancy test before niall gets home. I ran quickly to the car because it was cold. when I got to the store I walked in and the cashier was really cute.

"hello, welcome to mini mart." he said with the biggest smile

"hi" I said back looking down at my iPhone

"your cute can I put my number in that phone?" he said

"um sorry, no you can't im not single im actually here to get a pregnancy test I think my boyfriend got me pregnant." the cute cashier laughed and filled with his fingers

"ohhhh awkward, ok" I waked to the back and grabbed one. when I got home I ran into the bathroom and took it. I was scared really scared here's the moment of truth, I peed, iv been holding it all day for this test. I was done slowly pulling my head down, my eyes met with a positive sign... I screamed and started crying, im so happy. a baby, me with a baby. this is beautiful.   

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