and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


10. goodnight love

the movie ended around 10:30.

"you never told me what was in the bag babe"

"oh yeaaaaah, well lets see isnt it obvious?"

"ummm no" i said as i was laughing

"im staying the night here with you... duhh" niall said looking down at me smiling. "thats all my clothes"

"ohh haha i feel so stupid"

"well dont"

niall was running his fingers trough my hair. it felt really good. as we layed there i was just thinking about bebe i havnt talked to her in 5 days. maybe i should call her now. i called her but she never picked up. maybe tomorrow. i wanted to tell her about what happend between me and niall and how were now dating. i took a really big loud yaw.

"you tired baby/" niall asked me

"yeah" i said

"lets go to sleep"

me and niall spooned. last time i spooned was when i was 17 and was dating that ass hole that i killed. but i dont like thinking about him.

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