and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


13. first night.

after nandos, we came home and had a few drinks. and just talked. i told bebe what happened between me and josh. she was dissapointed because she liked how close we were. she said sorry, i told her everything was fine and that i onlyed cryed for 10 minutes and that niall held me the whole time. i just cant stop thinking about what he said to me, how perfect i was my beautiful eyes and my pretty hair and how i looked like an angle when i sleep. but, i did notice something, niall was looking down this morning and now he still is. but what could be wrong. did i do somthing? was it because i was talking to josh? im not going to ask him now, not infront of bebe and her boyfriend. i was really starting to get tired, the car ride to leeds made me realy tired. bebe told me she was tired too.

"i think me and alex are going to bed" bebe said

"me and niall as well" i told her "good night bebe and alex, love you bebe"

"goodnight tia love you as well"

me and niall got comfy. he still looked like he was down. "babe, whats wrong?"

"nothing im fine baby" he said as he pulled me closer, "im just really tired it was a long day getting your friend and all, there's nothing wrong and if there is don't worry i will tell you" he told me as he was smiling at me. i was staring at him as he was on twitter tweeting some of this fans. he plugged in his iphone and looked at me. "what?" niall asked as i was till staring at him.

"nothing, its just that no guy has ever loved me like how your loving me right now your like my angel that was sent just for me, your so sweet and kind and you treat me like im somthing and not just a guys "bitch" i dont see why theres no guys like you back at home in leeds that would be amazing." niall blushed and said aw after i told him that. he kissed my nose, then my forhead and held me like a newborn baby. i was so in love. 


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