and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


11. breakfast?

niall got up befor me because i could smell pancakes and bacon. i walked out in my under clothes still.

"good morning baby"

"good morning babe"

i sat at the table and niall placed 3 pancakes and 6 pieces of bacon in front of me. it looked so good i dug in. "woow baby this is good i didnt know you could cook" niall smiled

"yeah iv got it in me" we bothed laughed

"i just want to thank you niall for holding me last night when i was crying ever since i told josh i was leaving for london her started acting like a dick head to me"

"well thats what a boyfriend needs to do comfert his girl"

i smiled he smiled back. niall told me he was staying for the rest of the week. i told him it was fine and that i actually wanted him to because bebe and her boyfriend are coming tomorrow to saty for two weeks. after breakfast me and niall went to the store. we needed more food for the house. when we got home we just sat on the couch and watched T.V. "okay so your going to meet my friend bebe and her boyfriend tomarrow their really cool people and wwe have to leave at 7 am to get them from leeds. oh and just talling you now... bebe is a party girl when she gets drunk things get crazy.

"her name is bebe, thats a cool name"

"well its actually beeana, she doesnt like beeana so call her bebe." 

"and do i have to worry about her boyfriend?"

"nope not at all his name is alex and hes super chill"

"sounds all good" niall laughed. niall was staring at me... "what niall?"

"nothing its,,,, just that your perfect" he said as he was holding my face.. "i love you"

"i love you too" i said as i layed on his chest.

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