and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


15. amy

after i fell off the bed i got up and walked into the living room and saw bebe and alex making out on the couch. they stopped after i walked in. i have no idea what to do today, i want all my fiends here so i can trough a party. niall walked out of the bedroom, and he looked at me.

"hii babe"


"whats todays plans" niall asked

"i really dont know babe, im feeling sick really i think i might be getting a cold"

"well if you dont mind my good friend amy is ahhh going to come over around 8-ish, if you dont mind because i know your feeling sick and all" niall told me as he looked at the ground

"yeah, umm i dont mind" i said but i really do. who the hell is amy? what if something happens? niall ran up to me picked me up and swong me around as he kissed me saying thankyou thankyou thankyou. i went in the room and got in bed because i really was sick. i called niall in and asked if he can make me some tea and soup. he told me yeah and he went into the kitchen to make it. bebe came in a got in bed with me and held me.

"hows my bestfriend doing?"

"not good, im getting really sick" bebe looked at me and said aww. i told her about how niall has a friend named amy coming over tonight at 8, and that im scared something might happen between them.

" well i would spy on them, but me and alex our going out tonight, were going to go ice skating" i laughed at the fact that she told me that she would spy on them. bebe got out of the bed and walked into her room, then niall came in with the soup and tea.

"here you go babe, anything more for you?"

"no, thanks" i told him then he got into bed with me, he held me hope you feel better soon babe, he said.

"yeah me too" we both laughed. niall sat there with his phone in his hand, then it started to ring, i looked at the screen and it said amy. great i thought. he walked out the room and picked up. i really want to get down to the bottom of this whole amy shit and even if i am sick im putting up a hunt tonight. niall came back in the room smiling, i was actually starting to get mad because hes making it seem like they have a thing for each other, and i know what your thinking, why am i so jelly? its just that if i loose this kid im going back home to leeds. i got up to make more soup and i looked at the time, wow have the hours gone by quick it was now 3pm, and bebe's leaving at 5 with alex for there date. i saw bebe in her room getting ready. she had on some white skinnys, a black pull over hoodie and a pink beenie. she looked really good.  after we ate dinner they left and niall got in the shower. i sat on the couch looked at the clock it was 6. two more hours i thought till amy gets here some girll niall is obviously is close with. i was really bored so i went on my instagram, trought my feed i saw a bunch of pictures of josh he looked really sad and so did i. why did i say all that to him i just jumped on his ass and chewed, like a little bitch. i was to scared to say sorry for the last few nights iv had dreams about josh and that we forgave each other but when i wake up i realize there not ture and it makes me sad. i heard the shower stop i looked up from my phone and saw niall with just a towwel wrapped around him, he winked at me and i laughed. hes so funny and cheeky. he walked over to me and kissed my forhead.

"you feelin' okay baby?" he asked

"a little better the tea helps"

"thats good" he said with a smile

"ar'nt you going to go get dressed, your friend will be her soon in like an hour or so." "i think im going to lay in bed for a while, untill amy leaves"

"okaay babe" niall said after he got up from the couch and walked into our room. i could here niall getting ready after he came out i walked into the room and got into bed. i turned ont the tv my show was on. its called akward its really good. its only on in the summer but they were playing re-runs. i really couldnt get comfy in bed and the sheets were getting hot. oh great now a fever. i walked out into the living room again back to the couch, its much cooler out here. i saw niall in the kitchen looking out the doorwall. he turened around and walked back over to the couch where i was laying, he touched my forhead.

"aww my baby girl is getting a fever". i looked at him and gave him a sad face he layed with me. about 15 seconds after we were laying there we heard a car pull up. it was amy. niall jumped up to the door, he opened it. and amy came in. she was about as tall as niall medium length brown hair and green eyes like mine. her and niall huged for about 5 seconds her british accsent was heavy. she looked at me.

"who is this niall, and whos house is this?"

"oh yeah amy this is umm my girlfriend tia shes from leeds i met her at the libary like last week or so, shes pretty aint she? and this is her house" niall said as he smiled at me.

"uhhh yeah.... sure" amy said as she rolled her eyes. what the hell is her deal she was all happy when she walked in and saw niall but when niall told her that i was his girlfriend she flipped..... OMG amys jelly! i laughed on the inside.

"well babe, im gunna go back in bed and watch tv" i said to niall then after i kissed him really rough in front of amy when me and niall let go he bit his lip and gave me a really sexy look

"okay baby call me if you need anything, i will be right here" i started to walk away but i looked at amy and she gave me a death stare. niall didnt see it. i got in bed and watched tv, i could hear niall and amy talking on the couch catching up on things. i looked at my phone it was 8:15. i passed out for about 15 minutes because i wolk up and looked at my phone and it was 8:30. i really wanted more soup and tea.

"NIALLLLL!" i called out for him, i didnt hear anything. "NIALLL??!?!" this was really starting to hurt my trought so i got up. amy and niall were no where in the house. i looked out the front window both cars were here. what if there on the back deck, maybe they are. i walked trough the kitchen to the door wall the. i put my hand on the door handle and slid the door open i peeked out the the left firt.. and couldnt belive my eyes. niall and amy were kissing. my heart came out of my mouth.

"NIALLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!" i yelled as i started crying

"BABY, its not what it looks like, amy kissed me!!!" niall said i ran inside crying so loud i didnt even bother to shut the door, niall came in the house running after me. the bitch amy followed. we all ended back in the living room. i was on the floor crying and screaming

"umm niall its EXACTLY what it looked like, you love me dont lie" when amy said thoes words i became mad and rose up from the ground..i gave her the ugliest look ever.


"im the slut, look at you" amy said i got in her face.

"before i punch you leave." she was still standing in my face, "LEAVE BITCH!" she was still standing in my face, i gathered all my might took a step back, and swong soooo hard and slapped her in the face.

"what didi i tell you bitch?" she started to cry she grabbed her coat off the couch and ran to her car. i feel back to the floor and started to cry again. i felt nialls arms wrap around me and tryed picking me back up off the floor.

"baby please, im begging you talk to me say somthing, look im sorry she kissed me! i tried pulling away but--" i cut him off

"but what...because you liked it, because amy is more pretty, she kisses better?!? save the lies for the road niall! what elese are you hiding from me?"

"baby you listen to me now, im not going anywhere, im leaving my ass right here with you i couldnt pull away because she was holding my head, and im not hiding anything from you baby, i dont know if you realize this... but i fucking love you!" my tears stopped, i got up from the ground and turned to niall, i walked closer to him, he grabbed my hips and looked me in the eyes, he started to wipe the rest of my tears away. then after that he picked me up bridal style.

"i know your sick baby, but right now you look really hot, and i want to have sex with you right now" niall said with a cheeky grin

" im up for it babe" i told him as i gave him a quick wink. he carried me to the bed layed me down and crawled on top.

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