and 19 year old girl named tia runs away from her small town leeds and excapes to london.


2. a cheater

robers POF;

"give it up.. give up the money, now or i will fire."

my POV;

i was shaking i put in the code in and grabbed all the money and put it in the bag. all the robbers left there were only 3. everybody got up from the floor crying, but i wassnt, i was just scared out of my right mind. after that all happed we all got to go home early becaus eeverybody was scared so we closed down the shop at 12. i was on my way home listening to music in my car. then i piulled up into my drive way there were two cars my boyfriends who was 18 at the time and a small red car. "what the hell?" i thought. maybe he has paul over one of his good buddies but hes drives a black car. me being worried i walked in quitly. "babe?" i wispered. but then i heard moaning. now i was scared. i walked into our bedroom to find him making love to another girl. she had short blond hair blue eyes and tan skin. who the fuck is this?!?!

the girls POV;

you have a girlfriend mike?!? how fucking dare you treat me and her like this you lyed to me and her? what the hell? she then slapped him hard across the face and got dressed. she came up to me im so sorry i didnt know he was a cheater. please do forgive me. its not your fault i said to her and smiled she smiled back and left.

my POV; get the hell up you fucking scum bag i said to him. he got up and walked over to me. what the hell do you th- he cut me off with a hard smack.dont you ever talk to me like that you hear? your my bitch and your not leaving me your staying right here. i mummbled "let go of me" excuse me? mike said nothing i said back he pushed me on the bed. "fuck me" no i will not mike. "i said FUCCCK ME!!" he yelled in my face. no get of me! he tryed striping me but i saw i knife sitting on the night stand. i reached but i couldnt get it. we scooted 2 more inches and i grabbed it. "GET OF NOW!" "NO! GIVE ME LOVE" I stabbed him he fell off. i got up and packed some things and ran to my moms 3 blocks over.

*flash back ends* and thats why i want to go to london. so i dont have to remember what happened to me here in leeds.

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