Goldilocks poem...

A nonsense poem on the classic fairytale.


1. Goldilocks poem


Goldilocks Poem!

Goldilocks went to the three bear’s cottage

She could smell her favourite food porridge.

But Daddy bear’s dinner was too hot,

Mummy bear’s dinner was too cold.

Baby bears was just right,

Parents chairs were a sight,

So Goldie took baby bears slot.

Goldilocks started to weep,

She really needed a sleep.

But Daddy bears bed was too lumpy,

And Mummy bear’s bed was too bumpy

She fell on baby’s bed in a heap.

While Goldie was sleeping

Baby bear started weeping

And Daddy was in a huge rage.

The cot was shaken,

Goldilocks awakened,

And raced down the stairs quaking.

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