The silent

This is a story about a girl like you and me that is faced with bullying and suicidal thoughts.


1. School

"Hey loser." The popular girl Brittany says as she shoves Kasey into the locker. 

Everyone laughs. Kasey pushes past everyone and runs towards the bathroom crying. Brittany and some other girls had found her and slammed her against a wall.

"I think the little slut needs to learn a lesson for messing with us don't you think girls." Brittany says flipping her hair.

"Yeah i think so." They all say smiling evilly at Kasey.

"No please don't i will do anything please don't hurt me." Kasey says crying.

Brittany looked at her and laughed. 

"Come on you can't take a little punch." Brittany says mocking Kasey. 

"I already have bruises from last time please don't please." Kasey says begging now.

"You don't tell me what to do." Brittany says punching Kasey in the face.

Kasey fell down bleeding and crying. Brittany pinned her on the ground while the other girls beat her up. Just when Brittany was gonna pull back and punch Kasey the bell rung. Brittany kicked Kasey in the stomach and walked out the bathroom laughing. Kasey was left there sore and helpless. When she got the strength to stand up she walked towards the sink and looked at herself in the mirror.

"You are a ugly fat pig. No one loves you or even gives a crap about you... That's why you have no friends." Kasey repeated to herself in the mirror.

She quickly picked up her jacket and headed out the door crying. When she got to her homeroom she quickly wiped her tears and headed into the class room. Everyone stopped talking and stared at her. Kasey quickly walked to her seat and sat down.

"What a freak"

"Who kicked her butt this time." 

"Ugh why can't she just leave."

Kasey sat in her desk and began to doodle. The teacher snatched the paper from on her desk.

"There is no doodling in my classroom." Mrs. Caroline said tearing it up.

Everyone started laughing and Kasey just slid under desk trying to stay hidden. After class Kasey hurried toward the bathroom and started throwing up. She didn't stop doing that til the bell for lunch rang. She got up cleaned her face and walked to lunch alone. She grabbed her lunch and walked to the closest empty lunch table. She started eating trying not to make eyes contact with anyone.

"Her you fat pig get some lunch." Brittany said pouring her lunch all over Kasey.

Everyone started laughing.  Kasey ran back to the bathroom and cried. The bathroom was her only best-friend since she was in kindergarten. She waited til the last bell rang and ran to her house. Brittany was running after her trying to catch up with her. She got to her house and slammed the door and locked it. There was banging and yelling and cussing for over 5 minutes then Brittany gave up and walked home. Kasey slid on the floor painting. Tears started running down her face and she cried pulling her knees towards her.

"Why does she mess with me." Kasey said crying


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