Sixth Sense

Rouge has always been different. She feels like she has always had this sixth sense. She sees things. When she dreams, things happen that happens in the real world. Call them visions or anything you want to, if she sees it, it happens. That's when things start to get weird six months after her 16th birthday. Two strange boys named Noah and Jayden come to her in her dreams. The next day, they are at her school. Who are they? What do they want? Could this change everything Rouge has known her whole life?


1. Six Months

I have always had a thing for the number six. Everything I owned I had to have sixth of. I had to carry six notebooks everywhere with me along with six folders in my one binder. I had to have six of the same kind of pen or pencils. My shoes were paired up and in a row of six along with my clothes. I had to turn any door knob six times before I entered or left a room. Everything had to be even and put into sixes or I could not function. Some may say that's crazy but it all made sense to me because I believed I had a sixth sense.

Now you must think I'm crazy but I'm not. It all started when I was six years old. As I dreamed, I would see all this stuff going on. Nightmares to some kids. I couldn't control them either. I was a bystander as all these bad things would happen. I would see all these things a six year old shouldn't see but no matter what I did, I couldn't stop it.

When I turned ten, that's when I found out what was really going on in my mind. Everything I dreamed of, actually happened. It's been happening all around me. The dream I had of my mother dying in a car crash with me in it when I was seven. It happened. I was the only one who lived. Or the dream of when I saw my aunt fall down a set of stairs in her house. That really happened. But not only did I just dream of my family but of others as well. I dreamed of a little girl getting kidnapped, and it happened. Everything happened.

When I turned sixteen a couple months ago, the dreams started to get worse. Not only do I dream what is going on but I can feel what the other person feels as well. Instead of a bystander, I am the person. A whole new ball game. But that's not the only thing, I don't just dream it. It can happen to me at anytime of the day. In the middle of school, at the movies, with my friends, anywhere. I could also feel when something was about to happen. Something bad even if I did not see it. I always relayed on it as well because when ever I felt it, something bad did happen. Now you think I'm crazy, don't you? I'm not crazy. I'm just... Different.
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