Sixth Sense

Rouge has always been different. She feels like she has always had this sixth sense. She sees things. When she dreams, things happen that happens in the real world. Call them visions or anything you want to, if she sees it, it happens. That's when things start to get weird six months after her 16th birthday. Two strange boys named Noah and Jayden come to her in her dreams. The next day, they are at her school. Who are they? What do they want? Could this change everything Rouge has known her whole life?


2. Chills...

Not a day went by I didn't get called a freak at school. The kids would post sticky notes to my locker along with lipstick, stray paint, and anything they could find. I acted like it didn't bug me but deep inside it hurt me.

I walked to my locker which was at the end of a hallway with one broken stream of lights. Whenever I went down her, my body always got goose pimples. I complained to the school about getting the lights fixed a million times but it seems they have ignored me.

I sucked in some air then opened my locker. Today was one of the few days when someone I guess had something better to dot than then try and make my life miserable. I placed my Art History book on the top shelve of my locker, lining it up perfectly with the rest of the books. Now it was in a line of six. I smiled.

I had a study hall first period so I didn't really need anything. I would just sit there listening to my iPod, maybe draw a little, talk to my friends Kathryn and Nathaniel. My only two friends in this school and yet, when I was with them, I still felt alone. I put six pink pencils in my bag then shut my locker. I started walking towards study hall in the cafe when I hit something hard. I knew it was a person before I hit the ground.

My papers from my binder flew. I bit my lip trying not to show the pain I felt. My bum hurt really bad. My head was spinning. I could feel the vision coming and there was no way to stop it now. I had to calm down but I couldn't. I could feel everyone crowed around watching me, laughing at my pain. I let out a little cry then everything went black...


It was very dark in this vision. An soft breeze went through my thin white dress that I wasn't wearing before. I knew that meant I wasn't me, I was someone else. I was seeing the vision from their perspective. The vision started to clear up. The girl was in a room with cream colored walls and matching carpet. It was a pain. There was a bed next to the window where a boy sat.

He had shaggy blonde hair that seemed to kissed by the sun. It went great with his soft skin color that wasn't pale nor tan. His eyes were a soft blue color framed with thick black eyelashes. He had full pink lips that made his face look full and... Beautiful. He had a long nose that was at a slight point, not bad at all. He was very tall even sitting down. He had muscles coming out of his tight black shirt and tipped up jeans. He looked almost... Almost... Fake. Like he was too perfect.

"Noah!" The girl, me, said. Her voice was very light hearted, sweet almost. She walked over to the boy and placed her arms around him then moved back. "What are you doing here?"

The boy gave her a devilish smile, "Jayden and I came to find you. I hope we got here before Gabriel and Matthew."

She took a seat at a small table that had a pizza on it. She opened the box slowly then placed a slice of pineapple pizza on her plate. She was very hungry and I wanted her to hurry up and eat the pizza. Like I said, I feel everything she does. I was starving. It fells like she hasn't ate in a very long time.

"Yes, you have.." She trailed off the second the pizza hit her lips. The sauce dripped down her chin but she didn't care. She just sat there, eating like a savage. The hungry began to wear off making me feel more at ease. I was trying to understand what this vision meant.

"Good. I'm not here to tell you to come back, Eden. I'm here to help you." Noah said in his deep voice that sent chills up Eden's body. I could feel how drawn she was to this boy. They may of had a fling a while ago. I couldn't tell for sure.

"I can handle this." She said in between bits.

Noah sucked in air and then let it out, "Gab will take you out Eden! Let me help you!"

He jumped off the bed then cupped her face. Her body quivered with chills and goose pimples. She still chewed on her pizza but her eyes were locked on his. She must really love him. Or he must love her. I don't know for sure...

She was about to say something when the door was kicked open. A man, a huge man in height and muscles, stepped in. His hair was black as night along with his eyes. He smiled at Eden which sent bad chills up her body. She was scared. More scared than I have ever felt before in my life. He body started to shut down. She kissed Noah on the cheek then faced the man.

Noah screamed no but another man, almost as big as the one with the black hair tackled him. He pinned him to the ground which made Eden scream. She ran over to him but the other man grabbed her shirt.

"You betrayed us!" He said in a booming voice.

The next thing I felt was pain. The man was chocking the life out of her. She cried and yelled until her voice was gone. I could fell everything. The pain, the loss of breath, the fear... The fear is what I got me. There was one more sound she made before she was gone. One last look up into the mans eyes and I knew I would never forget that face.

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