Youre The One

A Niall Horan fan fiction where Niall comes back from tour and Lauryn (nialls girlfriend) is so happy and excited but then Lauryn parents tell them some news..


16. The room

Liam's POV.

I looked around and saw the scared look on everybody's face.

"Why don't we look around the room." I said and walked over to a little end table.

"ok." they said and went in different directions. I opened up the drawer to the end table and saw the tv remote and an old pack of gum.

"GUYS LOOK WHAT I FOUND!" Harry said holding up a book.

"What is it?" I said walking over to him.

"I dunno lemme check!" Harry said opening the book. "ITS A DIARY!"

"whats the date?" Lauryn said.

"erm September 29th 1993." Harry said looking at me.

"That's a month after my birthday." Liam said looking around at us.

"Ill read the first page:

September 29th 1993

Dear Diary,

Hey great news! my son Liam was born a month ago today! Geoff and I bought this holiday house last week and just finished getting our stuff into it. I moved the dresser and found a little door behind it. I flipped the light switch to see a small room with nothing in it. I didn't tell my husband but I went to the car and grabbed some chairs and put them in there, I also put and old end table and our old little tv. My husband didn't want them anymore so I told him that I threw them away. He was happy about that. I went to my computer and printed out my pictures of one direction and put them up. I know you are probably saying whose one direction? but I will admit I can see the future. Crazy right but its not like every five seconds I see whats gonna happen. But when my son was born I saw this vision and it was of five boys and they were in a band called one direction. I went home and made it come to life on the computer. I know that it wont come true but I just wanna believe that, that's what will happen. Well my husband is looking for me so I will talk to you tomorrow. Bye

~Karen Payne."

harry finished reading and looked around at us.

"Oh my god." I said while sitting on one of the chairs.

"uhm well thay could just be some freak that comes into here and tries to make us believe that's true!" Lauryn said while patting me on the shoulder.

"Let me go call my mom." I said and walked out of the room.


"Hey mom."

"Oh hey Liam!"

"Erm can I ask you something?"

"Yea sure what is it?"

"Well its about the holiday house.. We are here right now and we were chasing Lauryn so we could tickle her and then she hid and we found her behind the dresser in a door. We turned on the light and went inside to see pictures of us on the walls. We looked around and found a diary in the floor board and saw that you wrote in it. And it said that you could see in the future and all that stuff and that one direction was going to come true. Mom was that you?"

"uhm yes sweetie it was me."

"How do you see into the future?"

"I don't know I just do. I was going to tell you..."


"Honey this is nothing to get worked up over."

"I know mom I just wished you told me sooner!" I said while rubbing my head.

"honey maybe I should come to the holiday house tonight and make you guys dinner and we could all take about this."

"Ya mom that sounds good. See you tonight.. love you! Byeeee!" I said and hung up the phone. I walked back into the bedroom to see everyone sitting on the bed.

"My mom is coming over for dinner." I said sitting on the chair.

"Great! Now we can talk to her about all of this!" Emily said walking over to me and pattting me on the back.

"Ya but, I just am really spooked about all of this. It seems so made up."

"Well thats what talking to your mom will help us do." Lauryn said while sighing.

Lauryns POV.

I am getting really creeped out about what happened. Liams mom is coming over tonight for dinner and I amd kind of scared to look at her. I try to act calm around Liam so that he is less stressed out but I think that he could see the fear in my eyes. Everybody left the room so it was only me and Niall we sat on the bed and just stared at the wall.

"Niall I am really creeped out about all of this." I said looking into his eyes.

"Babe it will be ok. You seemed fine while talking to Liam."

"Well I feel bad for him and I am trying not to stress him out even more."

"Lets just get through this night and go back to normal after this. Just make eye contact with Karen and talk to her. Acr like its just another day."

"ok." I said but I knew i wasnt going to be able to act the same way  about her. I look at her diferently now. Well she willl be here soon so I should go get ready.


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