Youre The One

A Niall Horan fan fiction where Niall comes back from tour and Lauryn (nialls girlfriend) is so happy and excited but then Lauryn parents tell them some news..


10. Let go of her.

Emily's POV.

 I woke up and checked my phone to see that it was 1 in the afternoon. Then I saw that there was a text from Maggie

Maggie:                                                                                                        12:00 pm.  

Hey Emily! How's it going? I just wanted you to know that I'm getting on the plane now. I should arrive there in about 6-7 hours. Just remember you guys will be 5 hours ahead of me. So if you want to video chat me or anything just make sure you check the time first. I will probably be getting into college in about a month or so. I will make sure to video chat you when I get there. It will be about 6 or 7 pm there but it will be only 1 for me. I will miss you so much and I love you more then anyone. You will always be in my heart and never forgotten. Jeez I am making it sound like you are dying. Goodbye. xoxo.


I felt tears coming to my eyes as I responded to maggie.

hey mags. I'm sorry I responded so late but I fell asleep. You can video chat me whenever you want. I don't care if its midnight here. I will always be willing to talk to you! I want you to video chat us right when you get to your house. I hope it's nice and to your liking. lol.. Lauryns leg is feeling better as you saw she was able to walk on it. I dont think it is bothering her much anymore. I hope you get into a nice college! And get a really nice job when you get older. Jeeez your making me cry. I love you more then anything and good luck from now on. Me and Laur need to come and visit you soon. I hope you make a lot of new friends.. But we better never be forgotten. Goodbye I love you. xoxoxo.

~Emily<3 :*

I placed my phone down and turned to see Louis staring over my shoulder.

"That was the sweetest thing that I have ever seen!" Louis said giving me a kiss on the forehead."

"I really love her lou." I said while grabbing onto his waist.

"I know you do sweetie." he said while laying on top of me.

"Its just gonna be so hard." I said crying into his shoulder.

"I know it will be for all of us. She was a part of all of our lives and now she's gone."

Lauryns POV.

I woke up to see Lou and Em crying into each others shoulder. Emily said that she got a message from Mags and she read it aloud to me. I checked my phone to see the same message from her except with my name.

Mags, I guess you know what I'm gonna say because you already talked to Emily. I am basically gonna say the same thing. But make sure if you are ever having a problem you text or call me. I guess now all I have to say is I love you so much and I'm so upset that you have to leave. Boo you were my bestfriend you were always there for me when Emily wasn't or when me and Emily were in a fight. But you wouldn't choose sides. And you told us that. We both didn't get mad at you. I want you to never forget me. I love you so much. xoxo <3


I started crying and Niall woke up and gave me a hug. 

"Its going to be ok! Everything will be ok!" Niall said.

"I know it's just gonna take some time to get over the fact that she's gone."

Louis and Emily looked over,

"Do you guys wanna go to the mall today? just us four?"  Louis said.

"Sure! hold on I need to call my parents."


I walked into the kitchen and called my parents


"Hi mom!"

"hey sweetie"

"When will you guys be home?"

"Uhm about that. My boss thinks it will be best to stay down here. So we will need to sell the house."

"Uhm mom no! I am not moving. You guys can stay down here and me and Niall will stay in this house. I don't care what you say.  Me and Niall have been taking care of ourselves for the past few days and we bought our own groceries and cooked our own food. We are staying here."


"No mom I'm staying in this house."

"Fine me and your father will continue to pay for it and we will be back tomorrow to pick up all our stuff. I will bring all your brothers stuff and leave the bed there. I will see you tomorrow sweetie!"

"K bye mom! love you!"

"Love you to!"

I hung up the phone and went to tell Niall the news. I told him that we will be staying here alone and my parents will continue to pay for the house and he was so excited and happy. I told the boys and Emily that they could move into the house but tomorrow when my parents get here they need to leave or my parents wont let me stay in the house by myself. They were all so excited. We left for the mall and got a bunch of clothes and shoes. We came back home and  I saw that it was 7:00 pm so i decided to video chat Maggie. Me and Emily went into my bedroom and called her she answered and we screamed


"hey!" she said as she looked upset.

"What's wrong?" I said while looking at the her sad face.

"Well my mom said that the only way I could cope with living here is by forgetting about you and not talking to you ever again. I told her that, that wasn't going to work and she said that she doesn't care. If she finds out that I keep talking to you then I will get grounded and she will take my phone away for two months. I am so sorry and I really love you guys. I will never forget you. bye." she said and she hung up. Me and Emily looked at each other and started to cry. We walked downstairs and told the boys what happened. They grabbed us and gave us a huge hug.

"I guess it could be for the better." Niall said giving me a kiss on the lips.

"How are we just supposed to forget about her though?" I said staring into his eyes.

"I never said you had to forget about her but maybe you will feel better if you dont have to say goodbye so many times!" he said

"I guess you're right" I said sitting down at the table to eat dinner.

"You guys have to remember that tomorrow you have to be out of the house by noon!" Niall said to the boys and Emily.

"Yes and then after tomorrow we will have the whole house to ourselves! We will just call you when my parents leave the house!" I said smiling.


"ok!!" they all said.

After dinner we went into the living and watched a few movies. At around 1 o'clock in the morning we went to bed.





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