Youre The One

A Niall Horan fan fiction where Niall comes back from tour and Lauryn (nialls girlfriend) is so happy and excited but then Lauryn parents tell them some news..


4. Hang out day

Nialls pov.

Lauryn went down stairs to call her friends. So I went into the living room to watch the telly. She came back in and said that the girls will be over in an hour and she was gonna go get ready. I figured I can just go in jeans and a t-shirt, I'm only seeing the boys! She came back down in a skirt and a shirt.

"woah babe what are you guys doing today?"

"We are probably going to go get sushi, get pedicures, and go to the mall and a movie!"

"whats the special occasion?"

"I haven't seen these girls since you left for tour.. that's like 5 months and its nice to be able to see them again!"

" that's nice!" I said.

"ya!!" then there was a knock at the door and it was the girls so Lauryn went and got them.

all I hear was screaming and laughing and she invited them in. I got up and gave them a kiss on the cheek and they sat down while Lauryn went to get her stuff. She came back and gave me a kiss goodbye and left.


Lauryns pov.

So the girls and I got into my Camaro and drove off.

"Nice car!" Lauryn said touching the leather.

"Thanks!" I said smiling

"how'd you afford it?" she said

"uhm well my parents  bosses are finally using their products and niall helps a lot with money and stuff!"

"Oh ya that's cool so where are we going exactly?"

"We are going to a sushi restaurant but Maggie I know you hate seafood so u can order something else!"

"sounds great!" she said

We got there within ten minutes and got a table right away.

"so whats new!!!!" I said with excitement

"EMILY HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!" Maggie said without any thought.

Emily just looked at her like I cant believe you just said that.


"yes I have had a boyfriend his name is Ryan and we have been dating for four months and yes I have a picture see!"

"awwww you guys look so perfect together!!!"

"yea hes pretty great!"

Nialls pov.

So 5 minutes after the girls left I heard a beep outside I looked outside and saw a stretch limo waiting in front of the house. I ran outside and jumped in the car.

"HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" everyone screamed. Liam came and sat right next to me and gave me a huge hug.

"I missed my cute little nialler <3" Liam said with a huge smile on his face

"aww Li-Li I missed you toooo!!<3" I said kissing him on the cheek.

"AWWWWWWWW NIAM!!!!" the boys yelled.

"So what are we doing today!?" I asked

"well we were thinking for lunch we could go to nandos! and then we would just go back home and watch movies and go for a nice indoor swim!" Louis said


So we got to nandos and ordered our food and just talked a whole bunch about different things. I wonder how Lauryn is doing with the girls.

Lauryns pov.

After we finished eating we went and got pedicures and went to the mall. We were waking across the parking lot and by this time is was about 7 at night, when we saw a black charger come racing across the parking lot at like 80 mph. we were looking and decided to wait until it passed us when we saw Brandon poke his head out the back window with a gun and shot me in the leg. They kept driving while I fell to the ground. Emily and Maggie quickly got to the ground beside me and took out my phone Emily called Niall and Maggie called 911.

"hey Niall" Emily said sounding worried

"hey Emily? whats wrong!?" I heard on the other end of the phone.

"uhm Emily just got shot in the mall parking lot.. and Maggie is  calling 911 but HURRY QUIK.!!!!!!!"

As Emily got off the phone with Niall Maggie got off the phone with 911.

"Ok Lauryn they are both coming!" Emily said. But I kind of blocked it out because I lost so much blood that I was starting to pass out. Right before I passed out I heard sirens and the next thing I knew it I was in the back of the ambulance with Niall holding my hand.

"B-babe?" I said while I woke up

"SHES AWAKE!!" he yelled to the front of the ambulance. They came to the back and took my blood pressure then they gave me some kind of shot which knocked me out.






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