Youre The One

A Niall Horan fan fiction where Niall comes back from tour and Lauryn (nialls girlfriend) is so happy and excited but then Lauryn parents tell them some news..


2. goodbye

Lauryns pov.

I walked upstairs and heard

"..ok mom love you to..goodnight!"

"She's fine with you staying this week?" I said as he hung up

"AHH you scared me," Niall said has he held his chest, " Ya she thought it would be good to spend a lot of quality time with you! And she basically had the same rules as your parents!"

"ok well my parents are going to bed! we should to, my brother has and alarm clock by his bed, set it to 5:30 am!"

"ok baby I will, goodnight!" he says as he kisses me on the lips.

I get changed and brush my teeth and hop into bed. The next thing I know is that my alarm clock is going off. I get up and get into sweats and a blouse. I throw on my uggs and walk downstairs to see my mom, dad, and Niall waiting for her.

"Sorry for taking so long!"

"You didn't take long at all!" Niall says, I smile at him and we walk to the car. Me and my moms sit in the back and the men take the front! The whole way there it was kind of quiet. We finally got to the airport and my mom started crying. I told her to stop and she said

"Well my baby is getting so big! She's staying home alone for 10 whole days!"

"Mom, stop I will be fine! And I won't be home alone, Niall will be there!"

"I know but your getting so big! Now give me and your father a kiss a kiss goodbye."

Then after we said our goodbyes me and Niall walked back to the car.

"This should be fun!" I say as we drive away.

"What do you want to do this week?" he asks

"Well all I could think about right now is sleeping!" We get home at around 7:39 and we both just hop into my bed. We start watching tv and then we both passed out. Its ok that we are in the same bed, its not like we are doing anything. just sleeping. My parents wont find out anyway!

We get up around noonish and decide to go go-karting luckily there weren't many people there so me and Niall basically just kept going on and on. We made it a race between us, this one time I was far ahead of him and he came wizzing by me with this huge smirk on his face! I couldn't help but laugh at his adorable little face!

Nialls pov.

When I came passing by her and she started laughing and had a huge smile on her face I knew that I wanted to be with her forever. She is so beautiful and I love her so much!

We finished at like quarter to 6 so we went to olive garden to get dinner, I paid for everything! Then we went back home and watched a bunch of scary movies on Netflix. We were going to bed I ran into Lauryn's bedroom.

"Babe what's wrong?" she asked.

"This.." I said and handed her a box of condoms.

"Woah my brother keeps condoms in his room!!"

"No babe these aren't your brothers... these are for MEEEE!" I held up a note and she ripped it out of my hand and read it aloud.

Dear Niall

Here you go! You better be careful with my daughter. Check to make sure there are no holes in the condom. I wasn't going to let you do this but I figured you guys are old enough. Have fun! But not to much fun!

LOVE, dad #2

"OH MY GOD!" She says while grabbing her stomach. I knew she had a stomach ache. nervous probably.

"do you want to?" I asked as I stared her down.

"I don't know" she said as she grabbed onto the chair as to say that she's dizzy.

"I'm up for it if you are!" I say.

"ok." she said looking really nervous.

I leave the room and go into my room that I'm staying in and got unchanged so I just had my boxers on. I walk in and she is under the covers. I get under the covers and see that she is in her bra and underwear. We start kissing and I unhook her bra. And then more stuff happens but I wont get into detail about that! When we finished I laid down next to her and we were both still naked.

"That was the best thing I have ever experienced." I say as I pull up my underwear. She was still sitting there just staring at the ceiling.

"babe? You ok?" I say and pull up her underwear.

"ya im fine!" she says and turns so that our eyes meet.

"your so beautiful!" I said as I drifted off into a deep sleep.

Lauryns pov.

I sit there in bed and cant  believe what just happened! Niall fell asleep so I guess I will to I try to find my bra or my pajamas but I cant find them so I just fall asleep. I wake up in the morning and find myself alone in the bed. I look down and see that im only in my underwear. I try to find my robe but I cant find it. So I just walked downstairs like this. I see Niall making breakfast and he turns to look at me. He strolls over and grabs my waist and pulls me into him. he kisses me so gently and tells me that he is making me a sausage egg and cheese on a my favorite! I ask him where my robe is and he says I don't know.

"I guess I will have to get changed." I say as I walk towards the stairs

"WAIT.. Babe... can you just stay in that?" He asks with a smirk on his face.

I smile and say "Sure but just because you are so adorable!" as I sit down at the table.

"heres your breakfast" he says and places the plate down in front of me and sits besides me.

"You're not eating?!" I asked shocked

"im thinking of going on a diet!" he says


"I know its crazy right?"

"Why its not like you are fat or anything."

" I know I just hate being a pig around your parents."

"Ok babe... Whatever you say!"

"How's your sandwich? he says as I take the last bite.

"it was the best ever! now I have to go get changed if we want to go to the beach today! oh did you call the guys to come?"

"oh ya I will call them right now, and I picked out your bathing suit for you!"

"thanks babe I say and give him a kiss on the cheek. I walk upstairs to see the tiniest bathing suit sitting on my dresser. Its the one that is strapless and has a thong for the bottoms. I got it as a dare! I laugh and start putting it away to get a new one out when I hear

"The boys can co... whats the matter you don't like your bathing suit I picked out?

No I like It but I got that as a dare and the only time I will wear it is if its just me and you in your pool! I don't want to wear it out in public!"

"oh ok I just feel that you should be proud of that beautiful body of yours! But its whatever." And he walked out of the room. I felt so bad so I put the bathing suit on. Then put on my short shorts and a tank top. I walked downstairs and we got in the car.


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