Youre The One

A Niall Horan fan fiction where Niall comes back from tour and Lauryn (nialls girlfriend) is so happy and excited but then Lauryn parents tell them some news..


8. good news!

Niall's POV.

"I wonder how Officer Johnson is doing!" I say to all the boys and Lauryn. Then my phone rings so I go in the other room and answer it. Its Officer Johnson. I come back into the living room to tell Lauryn the GOOD NEWS.

".... So both Nicole and Brandon got arrested." I looked around and all the boys jaws were dropped. Then I looked at Lauryn and she was speechless and she looked like she would break any second so I pulled her in for a hug and let her cry for about 5 minutes then I told her that she should go wash up because we were going to get some nandos. 20 minutes later we were all ready and jumped into our cars to drive over there. We got there and I ran inside like a little kid who is so excited to go to the arcade. I got up there and ordered spicy mixed olives ,peri-peri chicken, and a wing platter then let them order their stuff. Lauryn just sat there and looked at me like i'm crazy. Then we all sat down and started eating. I finished first even though I got the most food. After we ate we went to the beach to watch the sunset. Once the sun had finished setting we went home

Lauryns POV.

"Louis why don't you call El and tell her to come over...!" I said

"Oh I guess I should have said this earlier... but me and El broke up.." Louis said looking like he was about to cry.

"OH MY GOD Lou I am so sorry I didn't.."

"I know you didn't know its fine.."

"Well Zayn call Perrie and Liam call Danielle I will call Maggie and Emily and we could have a game nught/movie night..!!!"

"okay!!!" they all said

"Laur can I talk to you in the kitchen?" Louis said looking up at me.

"of course you can Boobearr!!!" I said

"HEY MISSY you better watch it!" Harry said pointing his finger at me.

"Sorry Mr.Styles I promise it wont happen again!" Then me and Louis get in the kitchen and he just sits there facing the floor.

"Lou whats wrong.?" I say kind of concerned.

"Its just...I.."

"You what?" I ask

"I really like Emily and I have for a while now and I know she doesn't like me but I really like her she is all I ever think about and it just wont be a good night because I know there will never be anything between us and im just gonna be staring at her all night and whenever I see her I just get all tingly inside then I go home and cry because she doesn't love me."

I just sat there with my jaw dropped.

"Laur? You alright?"


"SHHHHH" Louis says and puts his hand over my mouth. "You cant tell anybody."


"No I mean it.. you cant tell anyone."


"I swear if you tell anyo..."



"Emily likes you to."


"I wasn't supposed to tell you but you just told me that so I had to tell you!"

"Well can you like get us together!!!"

"I will try my best!!!!!"

Louis walks into the living room and I call up the girls to come over then I go into the living room

"They can come!" I say looking at Louis. And he smiles.

"So can Perrie and Danielle!" Zayn says.

***10 minutes later***

{Knock knock}

"ill get it!!" I say

I run to the door and see all 4 girls standing there.

"Wow you guys got here at the same time!!!" I say laughing "Come on in! Emily I have to talk to you in private." I say this while looking at Louis who smirks back.

"Whatsup?" Emily says looking confused.

"Guess what I found outttt???" I say smiling

"Louis likes you!!"


'He does and your gonna sit next to him and when we play truth or dare.. well you will see what happens...!!!"



"What about Ryan?" she says.

"FUCK HIM!! this is Louis Tomlinson we are talking about...You wanted him long before you wanted Ryan.!"

"You're right.. im gonna end it right now!!!" she said texting Ryan that its over. We walk into the living room and Emily sits next to Louis.

"So what are we doing first?!?" Emily asked.

"I was thinking a fun game of truth or dare!" I said smiling


"We know Louis" I said smiling "I will go first! Errrmm EMILY! Truth or dare?"

"Dare!" she said.

"Uhmm I dare you to...make out with Louis for 10 seconds.!" They both stared at me like oh my god I hate you !!! "I'll count...












ok guys you could finish! guys..GUYS STOP KISSING!!!" I shouted laughing my head off just like the rest of them. They broke the kiss and just sat there staring at each other. Then out of nowhere Louis looked Emily in her eyes and said these 6 little words that mean so much...

'Will you go out with me!"

"Yes!" Emily said kissing him again. They both looked at me and said

"thank you!" everyone else in the room looked so confused like how did that just happen..


"Yes Li-Li I did!" After that Louis and Emily sat in the big chair with her in his lap and his hand on her lower back and we watched a bunch of scary movies. The only people who were lonely were Maggie and Harry.. But they absolutely hate each other.. I don't know why but they just do. They are constantly fighting. so Maggie is sitting on the floor in front of me and Niall and Harry is sitting on the opposite side of the room. Its so quiet and peaceful except for the movie. This is the life.

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