Youre The One

A Niall Horan fan fiction where Niall comes back from tour and Lauryn (nialls girlfriend) is so happy and excited but then Lauryn parents tell them some news..


17. dinner.

Liams POV.

My mom will be here in five minutes and I am becoming a nervous wreck.  I am still running around the house trying to find even a speck of dust.

"Liam its fine the house is spotless." Emily said grabbing the duster out of my hand.

"But she will be here soon!" I said as I heard the doorbell ring. "oh no."

"I will get it." Lauryn said cautiously walking to the door. "Hello Mrs.Payne."

"Hi lauryn." my mom said giving her a little smile."

"Come sit down." Lauryn said walking her to the living room. I followed behind them.

"Hi mom." I said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Hello." she said and greeted everyone else. "Shall I start dinner?"

"Can we talk first?" I said sitting her back down.

"Yea I guess."

"So when did this 'seeing into the future' all start?" I said.

"Liam its complicated."


"Liam calm down." Zayn said patting his back.

"Liam I don't know how to explain it."

"Mrs.Payne please tell us." Emily said.

"OK OK OK OK!!! I don't see into the future.. that's impossible to do. I just put those in there last year and tried to freak you guys out..."

"WELL IT WORKED!!!!" I screamed at her.

"And I never thought that you guys would find it. I thought it would never be seen in anybody's eyes other than  mine."

"Phew. That's a relief!" Louis said while finally looking calm.

"I cant believe you." I said while walking to my room.

Lauryn's POV

Liam stormed out of the room and I could see the sadness in Karen's eyes.

"oh." she said looking at the floor.

"Mrs. Payne he should be fine! You don't need to worry! he was just scared and hurt. And being both of those at the same time just doesn't feel good. He should be fine soon!" I said while wrapping my arm around her.

"OK well I will go make you guys dinner. How does ham sound?"

"GREAT!" we all said. I got up and walked to Liam's room.

"Can I come in?" I said

"yea." he said while looking at the door.

"Liam are you ok?"


"You need to calm down! You really hurt your mom down there! its not even that big of a deal.. Sure it was creepy at first but it was just a little joke!"


"DONT BUT ME! You need to go apologize and calm the fuck down. She is making us dinner and you will be respectful to your own GOD DAMN MOTHER!"




"well maybe if you fucking talked to your mother then I wont have to be the one yelling at you." I said and walked out of the room. I got down there and dinner was just about done. I sat at the table with everyone else and Karen put the food on the table. Everybody was kind of just staring at me. Do you think they heard me?

"Mrs. Payne do you need any help?"

"No sweetie I'm good!" she said giving me a smile.

"Hey are you ok?" Niall whispered in my ear.

"Ya I'm fine why?" I said with a big smile.

"Tell me later." he said


Soon all the food was on the table and we were eating. Then like 5 minutes later Liam came walking down the stairs.

"Mom I'm sorry for the way I acted. I shouldn't have acted like a five year old child." Liam said while he sat down.

"It's fine honey.. I am just sorry that I pulled that prank. It was childish of me.. I am supposed to be the parent here and I'm acting like a child."

"No mom.."

"No liam.."

"Guys its fine we are good now! We all apologized now lets just have a nice dinner!"

"OK.." They both said and started to eat. I looked at Niall and He smiled at me. We are all good now and there is no fighting going on. I feel bad for what I said to Liam but he needs someone to set him straight. His mom is to nice to yell at him.

"Mrs .Payne why don't you stay the night?" I said. Liam gave me a dirty look and I gave him a stern look back.

"No I can't. I have work to do tomorrow."

"Ok." Soon dinner was over and Karen was leaving. She gave Liam a kiss and one last apology and walked up to me.

"Thank you for coming!" I said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Anytime! And thank you for making Liam realize that it was just a silly prank."

"Oh your welcome. Did you hear me yelling?"

"ya.. We all just kind of sitting there quietly.. I think Liam needed that. He really needs to control his emotions you know?"

"Ya well you should probably get going. It was nice having you!" I said while closing the door behind her. Liam kind of gave me a look like I frightened him and I just walked to my room to change into my pajamas. Soon Niall walked in,


"Hey!" I said while giving him a kiss. Then we walked over to the fireplace and sat down on the chairs in front of it.

"So what was that blow up about?"

"Well someone needed to straighten him out! He cant just act like that around his mom!"

"I know how you feel."

"Your not mad right?"

"OF COURSE NOT!!!!" he said and got up and walked out of the room. I walked into the bathroom and washed my face. I dried it and walked over to Liam's door and hesitantly knocked on it. He opened it and his face saddened.

"Liam can we talk?"
"Sure.. come sit down." I walked in and sat on his bed.

"Liam listen I am so very sorry for how I acted I shouldn't have blown up on you ("Lauryn") but if you saw your moms face ("Lauryn") she looked so disappointed and it upsetted me.."


"huh? what?"

"It's fine.. I'm not mad."

"Yes you are."

"Well I was at first until I realized that I deserved it."

"Oh... well YOUR WELCOME!" I said and skipped out of his room. I walked downstairs and plopped on the couch.

"What time is it?" I asked Niall.

"erm 9:30"

"You know what time it is?"

"Babe I just told you..."


"Night swimming anyone?" Niall said smiling.

"Yeaaa!!!!" Then me and Niall ran upstairs and locked the door behind us.

"What bathing suit should I wear?" I asked Niall

"You know which one!" he said smirking at me.

"fineeee." I laughed and grabbed it out of my drawer. We quickly got changed and ran down to the lake. Everyone was already there. I was on Niall's back and he threw me in the water. He ran and tackled me under water. I got up and was on his back.

"SHES WEARING THE SEXY BATHING SUIT AGAIN!!!!" Louis shouted and Harry swam over and smacked my butt.

"HAZ I HATE YOU!!!!" I said blushing.

"Woah Laur I wish I had your ass!" Emily said staring me down.

"Babe you have a nice ass!" Louis said walking over and lifting her up.

"BABE STOPPPP!!!!!!!" Emily said ducking under water. He followed her and they came up a minute later.

"OOOOOO!!!!" we all yelled. And Emily blushed.

"Wait until tonight!" Louis said while swimming away and winked at Emily. She splashed him and blushed some more. I walked over to Emily.

"You guys are gonna do it tonight?" I whispered in Emily's ear.

"Uh ya." She said sounding scared.

"Its not that bad. I was scared the first time to!" I said smirking.

"Geez Laur how many times have you done this?"

"Well your to young to know that!"


"Lauryn I'm one month older then you and your disgusting." I laughed and swam away. After about an hour of swimming we finally got out and went my the campfire that Zayn had started. We were telling ghost stories for hours when we heard a twig snap and leaves rustle. I looked around and nothing was there. Niall grabbed me and we ran inside. We all sat in the little room for hours until it was morning time. I woke up in Niall's lap and we were alone but the door was  open. He was smiling at me.

"Wh-where is everybody?" I said rubbing my eyes.

"They are in the living room... Its noon."

"Oh wow. Who was in the woods?"

"It was Brandon... We called the cops on him and they found him and arrested him for a year."

"YAYYY!!!!" I said getting up and walking out of the  room.


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