Youre The One

A Niall Horan fan fiction where Niall comes back from tour and Lauryn (nialls girlfriend) is so happy and excited but then Lauryn parents tell them some news..


7. busted.

Niall's POV.

After we break the group hug I sit there in silence just thinking to myself. 'How come she never told me?' 'Im her boyfriend! I deserve to know!!!!'

"Babe should we tell your parents?"

"ARE YOU CRAZY??? Do you want them to come back? And ruin our fun time together! I am fine now we will be fine without them!! I have you 5, I don't need my parents. Actually I don't care if they ever come back!"

"Now Lauryn don't say that!" I said.

"I only speak the truth.. and that's the truth!!!!"

"Well we still need to get the cops down here to ask you questions they said that they want to  speak to you!"

"iight!!!" she said laughing.

So I walk into the other room and call the cops and they are here withing 5 minutes.


"Hi Officer Johnson"

"Hey Niall where's Lauryn?"

"Right in here!" I said pointing to the living room

Lauryn's POV.

I was sitting in the living room when an officer came in and sat in the chair beside me.

"Hello Lauryn, I'm Officer Johnson!"

"Hi officer!" I said turning off the telly.

"I am here to ask you some questions. Do you want the boys..."

"THE BOYS HAVE TO STAY IN HERE WITH ME!" I yell cutting Officer Johnson off.

"OK so do you know who the person who shot you was?"

"Yes I do sir his name is Brandon.. Brandon Higgins."

"Ok that is very very good information!"

"Do you know why he would want to shoot you?"

"Well hes my ex.."

"And why did you two break up?" He asks as tears start to fill my eyes

"Officer maybe right now is not the time to ask her that.. Maybe I could tell you out in the hallway" Niall butts in.

"Oh ok.." Officer J says looking confused. I sit on the couch as a few drops fall from my eyes and the boys come to comfort me.

"Its ok! everything will be ok!" Louis says holding my head to his chest. Did I mention that Louis is my best friend out of the group? He is practically my brother!! Then Officer J and Niall walk back in and all the boys except for Louis get up and Niall sits on the other side of me rubbing my knee. Officer  J starts righting a bunch of stuff down then says

"Ok well by the looks of it Brandon Higgins is going to jail.. After court which will be tomorrow at 10.. So Lauryn you have to go with a Lawyer and a parent..."

"WAIT!! I cant tell my parents!"

"what? why not?" officer J asks

"They on a business trip and I don't want to bother them."

"Ok but make sure you have a lawyer and bring Louis because he is the oldest here."

"Will do officer thanks!!" I say as Niall walks him to the door.

Officer Johnson's POV.

So I got back to the station and searched up Brandon Higgins. I found his address

** Lincoln street. I drove to his house and saw that there was no car in the driveway and it was a really tiny run-down house. I knocked on the door and heard someone walking around inside but no one answered.. I knocked again and no one answered. I busted the door open to see Brandon sitting on the couch making out with a girl on the sofa. I pull out my badge,

"BRANDON HIGGINS YOU ARE BEING ARRESTED FOR RAPE AND USING AN UNAUTHORIZED GUN TO SHOOT SOMEBODY!" He looked so scared and so did the girl that he was making out with. I paged another officer to come talk to this girl and she was here within minutes.

I got Brandon in cuffs and put him in the car and drove him to the station. The other Officer (Officer Marley) back at the house to talk to the girl.

Officer Marley's POV.

"Hello miss... whats your name?" I asked  the girl who was just sitting on the couch with tears forming in her eyes.

"Erm Uhh N-Nicole.. Nicole Benson."

"Ok Nicole Benson was that your boyfriend that we just took away?"

"Y-yes yes it is.. b-but can you tell me why you took him?"

"Well your 'boyfriend' raped Lauryn Shea when they were dating before.. I suppose you know that because she was your bestfriend.."

"Oh uhh ya I did know that."

"Why didn't you say anything Nicole?"

"Because I wanted to date Brandon since the day Lauryn started going out with him! I wanted him and he wanted me but then she came along and took him away. Me and Brandon still always talked and we would have sex like every sunday.... But Lauryn didn't know. One day I got so pissed that they were together that I told him to rape her. He said no so I smacked him with my hairdryer and told him that he had to. So he did."

"And why did he shoot Lauryn then Nicole?"
"Obviously I told him to... Who do you think was driving the car with him in the back? I went to the beach and saw Lauryn there so we stalked them and I found out that she was gonna be going to  the mall the next day so I planned it... And of course Brandon did it."

"Nicole Benson you are under arrest for being the cause of a rape and attempted murder."

"Fine sucka lock me up.. I don't care!!" she said and turned around with her hands behind her back.



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