Youre The One

A Niall Horan fan fiction where Niall comes back from tour and Lauryn (nialls girlfriend) is so happy and excited but then Lauryn parents tell them some news..


3. beach

Nialls pov.

"What bathing suit are you wearing?" I asked as she got in the car.

"the one you picked out for me!" she said as a huge smile grew across my face. Then we drove away. We finally got to the beach and there was barely anyone there.

"Well this should be boring!" I said.

"Hey ask the boys where they are!" she said

"ok!' I said as I take out my phone. As I'm calling the boys she starts to set up the beach stuff. Then I see her ex-bestfriend walking down the beach. Lauryn stopped talking to her because after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Nicole (her ex-bestfriend) went out with him. They are still going out. I hung up the phone with the boys and wonder why her boyfriend isn't there...but then there he is walking right behind her. I walk back to Lauryn,

"oh we go." I say as I sit down next to her. I know all about them because I saw them fighting when we first started going out.

"Oh hey Lauryn! Nice seeing you here!"

"What do you want Nicole?" Lauryn said sounding annoyed.

"Well me and Brendan were just walking down the beach when we saw you and decided to talk. Brendan say hi!"

"sup!" Brendan says winking at Lauryn.

"hi." me and Lauryn say at the same time. then we hear the guys yelling

'PARTAYYYYY!!" and we tell Nicole and Brendan that we have to go and they should leave. So they left, the boys ran up to us and Louis said

"Who was that mate?"

"Just some faggots!" I say as I grab Lauryns waist. The boys lay their stuff out. I grab Lauryn and ran into the water and threw her in.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE YOU!!!!!!!" she screamed and jumped on my back.

'WOAHHHHHHHHHH someone's wearing a hawt bathing suit!!!!" Louis says as Lauryn jumps back into the water to hide her body.

Lauryns pov.

"HEY GUYS LEAVE HER ALONE!!!" Niall screams at them the drags me underwater and gives me a kiss. We come back up and the boys are cheering. Then they come running into the water and dive at us. Harry grabs me and pulls me under and smacks my butt. AH I scream underwater and he laughs. I don't care if Harry touches me in any  ways because he is like my brother and he doesn't mean it, he's a big flirt and he likes flirting with me! We flirt a lot but Niall and everyone else knows its just for fun! Then we get back to land and lay on our towels I lay in between Niall and Harry. We are just laying there in silence listening to the water when Zayn says

"So what did you guys do last night? I could tell he had a smirk on his face.

"ya did you guys have fun?" Louis says and winks at me.

"What does it matter to you?!" Niall says, " I don't care what you do with Eleanor.. or what you do with Perrie!"

"Oh so it must be something juicy!" Louis says with a huge smile across his face. "But Niall you know we miss you! We need some time with our little Irish boy soon!"

"Ok, just give me a few days! I promised Lauryns parents I would stay with her while they were away!"

"oh you guys are staying together? for how long?" Harry says.

"9 more days," I say "and Niall you can hang out with them tomorrow night, I don't mind! I cant stay home alone for  a few hours!"

"you sure babe? you wont get lonely?

"No I could hang out with Emily and Maggie! no biggie!"

"Thanks babe!" Niall says and tackles me to the ground and kisses me for a long time!

"EWWWWWW get a room!!!" Louis asks throwing sand at us.

"that's nasty!!" Liam yells

"Mind if I join?!" Harry says.

And that was so awkward that we had to stop! Finally we called it a night and said goodbye to the boys. Me and Niall got home and went right into bed. I got under the covers and Niall said

"babe thank you.."

"for what?" I asked realy confused!

"for allowing me to hang out with the boys tomorrow! I love and miss the boys so much!"

"of course babe I want you to have a nice relationship with those boys and I don't want your whole world to revolve around me! you need to have a life to!"

"your right thanks babe! Goodnight! I love you!" He says and kisses me.

I get into bed and fall asleep almost instantly. By the time I know it Niall is jumping on my bed and getting under the covers and wrapping his warm body around me!

"Baby I was lonely!" he said with a said puppy dog look on his face.

"aww booboo! that's a good way to wake me up!" then I get up onto his stomach and give him a kiss.

"when are you hanging out with the boys?" I ask

"in about an hour!" he says

"ok let me go call the girls!" I say and grab my cell phone and run downstairs.

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