The Darkness Of Fear

A victims point of view of being abducted...


1. The Darkness of Fear


Darkness of Fear

I walked down the cold cobbled street,

Fear of every face I meet.

I’m all alone in the darkness of fear

As out jump the bullies I shed a tear

They drag me and pull me, I feel like I’m trapped

And that’s when I know I’ve just been kidnapped.

I kick and I kick, I punch and I punch

But I fall to the ground and my shoulders hunch.

The doors are slammed shut

I’m thrown in a van

Driven away from home

By a very strange man.

I cry for help again and again,

‘Til I can cry no longer, please feel my pain.

I’m driven further and further from home

But where I’m going nobody knows.

All I see is red

As death draws near.

And I’m all alone,

In the

Darkness Of Fear… 

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