Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


16. Surprise!

“Rise and shine!” Perrie says and I open my eyes. “Good morning.” I say, smiling. “Someone’s happy.” Perrie says and winks at me. I laugh softly and shake my head. “Why wouldn’t I be?” I ask and Perrie shrugs, giggling. “Do you want to do anything or do you just want a casual day?” Perrie asks and smiles. “I’m way too tired to do anything today.” I say and get out of bed. Perrie opens her mouth to say something when mum comes in. “I have a little surprise for you, Perrie.” she says and smiles wide. Perrie looks at me and I shrug. We both follow mum as she walks out of the room gesturing us to follow her. Perrie walks out of the room and I follow her. We walk up to the attic and mum stops in front of the door. “You ready?” she asks and Perrie and I both nod. Mum puts her hand on the handle and open the door. Perrie and I look inside and see that the room is all cleaned up and there’s a bed and a desk in it. We both walk in and look around. “Can I decorate it?” Perrie asks, looking at mum. “Of course, it’s your room now.” Perrie hugs mum and I smile wide, taking Perrie’s arm. I pull her with me and walk downstairs. “What are you doing?” she asks and giggles. “Taking you shopping of course!” I say and Perrie laughs. I look at her and raise an eyebrow. “Al, you do realize we’re still wearing pajamas, right?” I look at Perrie and then at my pajamas. I turn around and walk back to our room. I hear Perrie laugh and shake my head. I grab an outfit and go to the bathroom. I take a shower and when I’m done I get dressed. I walk back to our room and Perrie walks to the bathroom. I absolutely love home/room shopping! Whenever I go shopping with my friends, who are now on holiday in Italy (the lucky girls), I always buy something for in my room. I even asked them to bring something for in my room back from Italy. Perrie walks into the room and I smile wide. “You ready?” I ask and Perrie nods quickly. “I was born ready.” she says and we both laugh softly. I put on some shoes and grab my bag and phone. Perrie and I go downstairs and Quinn walks over to us. “Can I come with you? I’m an expert in room shopping.” she says and we all giggle. “Of course you can!” I say and we put on our coats. We walk outside and walk toward the shops.

“This is cute!” I say, holding up a small, pink bucket. “Yes, it’s lovely!” Perrie says and puts two of them in the trolley. “We need something for your window.” Quinn says and Perrie and I follow Quinn. She stands on her tiptoes and gets three small photo frames. She also gets the letters P, E, R, R, I and of course E. “Candles are a must!” I say, walking to the candle section. I grab a few candles and put them in the trolley. “Cushions!” Perrie says as she walks over to a few cushions. She picks out two and puts them in the trolley. “I know something!” Quinn says and walks back to the photo frames. She asks me to get the large one and I get it, putting it in the trolley. “What are you going to do with it?” Perrie asks and smiles. “I’ll give you one of my posters and you can put it in the frame.” Quinn says and smiles proudly when Perrie gives her a hug. “That’s such a lovely idea!” Perrie says and smiles. “Quinn, do you know where the things are for on my desk?” Perrie asks and Quinn nods, walking away. Perrie and I follow her and smile. Quinn gets pens, pencils, erasers, a pen case, sticky notes, washi tape and notebooks. “Shall we pay and get lunch?” I ask and Perrie and Quinn both nod quickly. Perrie and I pay for all the stuff while Quinn puts everything in a large bag. “Be careful Quinn!” I say as Quinn nods and smiles. When we paid and put everything in the bag we go outside. We walk to a little restaurant and sit down at a table. A waiter approaches us and asks us what we’d like. “I’d like a caesar salad, please.” I say and smile. “Me too, please!” Perrie says and the waiter writes it down. “And what would the little lady like?” he asks and Quinn smiles. “A ham and cheese sandwich, please.” she says and the waiter nods, writing it down. “It will take a few minutes.” the waiter says and smiles. He leaves the table and Perrie and I look at Quinn. “Little lady?” I ask and Quinn giggles. Perrie and I smile at each other and Quinn goes through the bag. “Can I put pictures in one of the frames?” she asks, looking at Perrie. “Of course!” Perrie says and Quinn smiles brightly. A few minutes later the waiter comes back with our food. He puts the plates down and leaves again. Perrie and I start on our caesar salads and Quinn starts on her sandwich. “Do you like it?” I ask Quinn and Quinn nods quickly, swallowing. “It’s really nice.” Quinn says and smiles. I smile back at her and eat my salad.

“You ready to go back home?” Perrie asks Quinn as she nods and gets off the chair. We leave some money on the table and go outside again. I carry the bag and when we get home we go upstairs to Perrie’s room. “Do you see what I see?” Perrie asks suddenly when she opens the door. “Not really, as you’re standing in front of me.” I say and giggle. Perrie walks forward and I see what she is referring to. A brand new laptop is seated on Perrie’s desk. “Oh my gosh!” Perrie exclaims and jumps up and down. I laugh and jump with her. “Go downstairs and thank mum! I’ll start with decorating.” I say and Perrie nods, running downstairs. I get the buckets out of the bag and place them on the desk. In one of them I put the pens and in the other the pencils. I place the notebooks in one of the drawers and put the rest of the stationary on her desk. I get the frames out and Quinn walks into the room with some pictures and a Little Mix poster. She takes the large and a small frame from me and starts with her project. I get the letters and a candle and place them at the window. “I’m done!” Quinn says and hands me the small photo frame. I look at it and smile. It’s a collage of different photos. One of Quinn and Liam, one of Perrie, Quinn and I, one of us and Little Mix and one of us with One Direction. “It looks lovely. I say and place it next to the candle. Perrie walks into the room and smiles. “You little muffins.” she says and I giggle, hanging the large frame up on the wall. I place the other two frames on Perrie’s desk and Perrie sits down, going through photos. She fills another one of the frames up with pictures of Quinn and me and Quinn smiles wide. “You’re lucky you’ve got a built in closet.” I say and Perrie looks around. “Here, silly.” I say, laughing as I open the closet door. “Yes! I love built in closets!” she says and smiles wide. She puts the frame at the window and walks over to me. “Ready to move?” I ask and Perrie laughs as we walk back to my room. We both grab a pile of clothes and start on filling Perrie’s closet. When we’re done we give each other a high five and Quinn looks around the room. “I think it looks really cute.” she says and Perrie and I nod. “I agree.” “Me too!” Perrie says and smiles wide, sitting down on her bed. “I’m going to miss you though.” Perrie says and looks at me. “I’m going to miss you too.” I say and we both laugh.

“Dinner’s ready girls.” mum says as she smiles at us. “And your room looks amazing darling.” she says, looking at Perrie. Perrie smiles and we all get downstairs, we sit at the table and eat spaghetti. “Did you see the frame I put together?” Quinn asks, looking at mum. “I did! I think it looks cute.” she says and Quinn smiles wide. Quinn and I give each other a high five and Perrie giggles. We finish our dinner and clean up the table. We all sit down in the living room and Quinn looks at us. “Can we watch a movie?” she asks and mum stands up. “Of course, which movie do you want to watch?” she asks and goes to the kitchen. “Beauty and the Beast!” Quinn says and I smile. “My favorite!” I say and put it on. A few minutes later mum walks in with hot cholates for us. We smile and take them, taking a sip. We watch the movie and I rest my head on Perrie’s shoulder. “I love this part.” I say as Belle is taking care of the wound the beast got when fighting with the wolves. “Me too.” Perrie whispers and smiles. When the movie is at the part where Belle gets to leave the castle I feel my eyelids closing. Before I know it they’re closed and I’ve drifted off to sleep.

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