Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


11. Quinn's Back

I wake up by the sound of something ringing. I look to my side and see that it’s my phone. I quickly pick up and hear Zayn’s voice. He says that he’s been trying to reach Perrie but she’s not picking up. I look over to my other side and see that Perrie’s asleep. Zayn laughs when I tell him and says that they’ll be here in about an hour. I wake up Perrie and we both get dressed in something comfortable. After a few moments the doorbell rings. Perrie opens the door and a few seconds later Quinn runs into the living room. “Hai little one!” I say and hug Quinn. “How have you been?” “I have been great! We’ve had a lot of fun and they were really nice to me.” Quinn says excitedly. “That’s great sweetie!” Perrie and Zayn also walk into the living room and mum joins us. We all sit down on the couch. “Has she been nice?” mum asks Zayn. “Quinn has been lovely. I haven’t seen her much but when I did she was really sweet. Tell them what we did!” Zayn says and smiles at Quinn. “We made a big fort in the backyard,” Quinn says as she jumps off the couch. She runs around the room, showing us how big the fort was. “That’s really big!” Perrie says and giggles softly. “Mum, can we build a fort outside and sleep in it?” Quinn asks, looking at mum with puppy eyes. “Well…” “Please!” Perrie joins in and mum laughs. “Go ahead.” she finally says and Quinn cheers. “Are you staying?” Quinn asks, looking at Zayn. “Sorry sweetie, I can’t. I’ve got a concert tomorrow, remember?” “Ooh, yes. I remember!” Quinn says and smile, walking to the cupboard with blankets. Zayn and Perrie stand up and go to the door. I help Quinn with the blankets and mum gets a few ropes. We go outside and attach the ropes to various things in the garden and put the blankets over it. Perrie joins us with some snacks and drinks. We get some mattresses and lay them under the blankets. “Let’s hope it’s not going to rain tonight.” mum says and Quinn giggles. “That would be a waste of our fort!” “But we still have this afternoon to do something. What do you girls want to do?” mum asks and Quinn, Perrie and I look at each other. “We could ask if Dylan wants to come over?” I suggest and Quinn nods quickly. “Yes, that would be fun!”

We walk outside and Quinn knocks on the door. A few moments later Dylan opens the door. “Hi Quinn!” Dylan says excitedly. “Hey Dylan! We were wondering if you wanted to come check out a fort we made.” Quinn blushes lightly and smiles. “Of course! Shall we have a sleepover as well?” “That would be cool!” Quinn says as Dylan asks his mum for permission. After a few seconds he comes back and closes the door, walking back home with us. We get into the fort and lay down. Perrie and I are lying next to each other and Dylan and Quinn are also lying next to each other. Perrie and I hear them talking softly and giggle. “They’re so cute together.” Perrie says, whispering. “They are! I wonder what will happen tonight, I mean it’s so obvious that they like each other.” Perrie nods and we smile at them. Perrie gets her phone and puts on some music. We all get up and dance around. When Move comes on Perrie stands in front of us and teaches us the choreography. Dylan and Quinn laugh at Perrie and me and watch us. “You’re really good!” Perrie says and smiles at me. “Really! You could be the fifth member of Little Mix.” “Yeah, right.” I say and we all laugh. Perrie smiles and Quinn stands up quickly. “And I’ll be the sixth!” she says and we dance to a few other songs. When we’re dancing to Midnight Memories mum comes into the fort and laughs softly. “I just went to the shops and brought back some stuff to bake an apple pie, do you guys want to?” mum asks and we nod, following her to the kitchen. Mum starts to peel the apples and I get out all the ingredients. Perrie and I start making the dough while Quinn and Dylan start with the filling. We have a lot of fun and when Perrie and I are done with the dough my hair looks awful. “You should wear your hair like that every day.” Perrie says and we both start laughing. When we’re all done mum puts the pie in the oven and we go back to the fort. “I’m so excited for tonight! It’ll be so cool to sleep outside in this fort.” Quinn says and smiles wide. “Is it your first time?” Perrie asks Quinn. Quinn nods and smiles. “Have you ever done it?” Quinn asks Perrie, smiling at her. “I have! There was one time when it started to rain and we danced around, we were soaked!” Perrie says and we start laughing. Dylan and Quinn are talking to each other again so I turn to face Perrie. “I’m already getting nervous for Thursday, Pez.” I say and Perrie smiles at me. “There’s no need! I’ll take care of everything and all you have to do is sit there and be yourself.” I smile at her and give her a hug. “What would I do without you?” I say and Perrie giggles softly. “Have a boring life, because I’m not in it.” Perrie answers and we both laugh.

An hour later mum comes into the fort again and says that dinner’s ready. We all get out and go inside to the dining area. We sit down at the table and start eating. “There won’t be any trouble tonight, right?” mum asks, looking at Perrie and me. “Of course not!” Perrie says and smiles. “Everything will be fine mum, don’t worry.” I say and mum smiles. “If not, you’ll be cooking tomorrow!” she says and Perrie and I both laugh. We finish dinner and as dessert we have the apple pie. “It’s really good!” I say while taking another bite. “It is! I’m going to marry this pie.” Perrie says and I giggle softly. “I think you might want to discuss that with Zayn first.” “Naah, I’ll marry them both.” “Ohlala!” Quinn says and we all start laughing. We finish our dessert and help mum with the dishes. When we’re done we go back to the fort. “We should get some pillows!” Perrie says and stands up. “I’ll go with you!” I say and together we go inside to get some pillows. We go back to the fort and place the pillows in it. We lay down against the pillows and talk about the Little Mix concert. “What song are we going to sing?” I ask Perrie and she thinks for a moment. “What about A Different Beat?” Perrie asks, looking at Quinn and me. “Yes, I love that song!” “Great! We might rehearse on Tuesday so I hope you have nothing else to do?” “Of course not!” We both laugh and I smile at her. “I’m actually pretty excited.” I say and Perrie smiles wide. I giggle softly and lay my head against Perrie’s shoulder. We look over to Dylan and Quinn and see that they’re laying against each other, holding hands. I quickly look at Perrie and she looks back at me. We both start to squeal softly and give each other a high five. “I told you it would happen.” Perrie says and giggles. We look over to Dylan and Quinn again and notice that they’re asleep. I look outside and see that it’s already dark. “I had no idea that it would be dark already!” I say and Perrie laughs softly. “Not even when you saw the two of them sleeping?” Perrie asks and I shake my head, laughing. Perrie and I lay down as well and close our eyes. “Goodnight Alli.” “Night Perrie.”  

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