Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


12. One Direction's Concert

“Alli, Perrie, wake up!” Quinn says, jumping up and down in the fort. I open my eyes and sit up slowly. “Why are you so excited?” I ask her, rubbing my eyes. “It’s Monday! You’re going to see your boyfriend on stage.” she says, giggling softly. I roll my eyes and pull the blankets over my head. Perrie laughs softly and wraps her arms around me. “You know Quinn’s right.” she says and smiles. “She’s not.” I say when I roll around and look at her. “We should get you ready.” Perrie says and winks playfully. “I hate you.” I say and get up. “I love you too.” she says and gets up as well. We walk inside and start making something for breakfast. A few minutes later mum walks downstairs. “Are you girls making breakfast?” she asks and smiles. “Yes, so you sit down at the table.” Perrie says and smiles. “Don’t burn anything!” mum says and walks over to the table. “It’s so lovely to know you trust us.” I say and we all laugh. When we’re done we put everything on the table and Quinn and Dylan come inside. Perrie and I look at each other and giggle softly. We all sit down at the table and eat our breakfast. “Are you excited for tonight?” mum asks, looking at Perrie and me. “So excited! I mean, I have been to other concerts before but now Alli’s going with me!” Perrie says excitedly. “I’m excited too! I’ve never been to a concert before and I really want to know what it’s like.” “And you’ll see Niall on stage!” Quinn says and giggles. “That too.” I say and blush lightly. We finish our breakfast and go upstairs. “Let’s see.” Perrie says and looks through our closet. She gets out a dress and matching heels. “What about this outfit?” she asks me and smiles. “I like it!” I say and Perrie lays the dress on the bed. “How do you want your hair?” Perrie asks and I think for a moment. “Maybe a waterfall braid?” “Perfect.” Perrie says and starts braiding my hair. Perrie looks through my makeup and picks out a few things. Perrie starts with my eyes. When she’s done she moves on to my lips. After a few moments she’s finished. “You look gorgeous!” Perrie says and smiles. I look into the mirror and smile. “You’re really good!” I say and Perrie smiles wide. “Go put on your dress.” Perrie says and hands me the dress as I get up to walk to the bathroom. I change into the dress and look into the mirror. I walk over to Perrie and she looks up. “Don't you think it’s a bit too much? I mean, it’s just a concert.” I say and Perrie smiles. “You look gorgeous and besides it’s a day dress so you can just wear it.” “Alright, now it’s your turn!” I say and Perrie sits down on a chair. I look through our closet and pick out a day dress and heels. “Do you like this?” I ask Perrie and she nods quickly. “I love it!” I lay the dress on the bed and walk over to Perrie. I start with her eyes and finish with her lips. I decided to give Perrie a natural look, because she looks really beautiful already . She looks into the mirror and smiles. “You’re really good too Al!” Perrie says and smiles, picking up the dress and walking into the bathroom. I look into the mirror once again and smile as I hear footsteps on the stairs. Quinn and Dylan walk into the room and Quinn smiles. “You look beautiful Alli!” she says and smiles. “Wait ‘till you see Perrie.” I say and smile back. A few minutes later Perrie walks into the room. “How do I look?” she asks while spinning around. “Like a princess!” “Aww thank you little one!” Quinn smiles wide and sits down on the bed. “Are you excited for tonight?” Quinn asks and Perrie smiles. “So excited! Even though I’ve been to many concerts, but now Alli is going with me!” “You need to film the concert.” Quinn says and I nod.” “I’ll film as much as I can, okay?” I say and Quinn nods quickly. “Shall we go?” Perrie asks and I nod, smiling.

When Perrie and I arrive we get inside and look for the boys. When we find them we hug them all and they show us their dressing room. We talk for a while and then it’s time for the concert. Perrie and I go to our seats and look around us. The concert hall is packed up with screaming people. Perrie and I look at each other and start laughing softly. “And I thought I was bad.” I say and Perrie giggles. “Believe me, you’re nothing compared to them.” Perrie says and winks playfully. Just when I’m about to say something back the music starts playing. Everyone starts screaming even louder and Perrie and I look up. The boys come running up the stage and start singing ‘Midnight Memories’. Everyone in the crowd starts singing with them and so do Perrie and I. After ‘Midnight Memories’ they sing ‘Does He Know’. Perrie and I sing along and have a great time. We sing along with all the songs and laugh at the boys as they fool around. I almost forget to film but when they’re singing ‘You and I’ I quickly grab my camera. I film the rest of the concert and when the concert is over I show it to Perrie. “Quinn would’ve been so pissed if you forgot.” Perrie says and we both laugh. “But I didn’t!” I say as Perrie and I go back to the dressing rooms. “You guys were so amazing!” I say as the boys come in. “You definitely were! I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it.” Perrie says and smiles as Zayn walks over to her. I laugh softly and stand up to let Zayn sit next to Perrie. “This was definitely the best concert ever! Not that I’ve been to another concert..." I say and the boys laugh. Niall walks over to me and I smile at him. “How was I?” he asks and smiles. “Oh, well...” I start, frowning playfully. Niall looks down a little and I giggle. “Just kidding! You were wonderful.” I say and Niall looks up again, smiling brightly. “Do you really think so?” “Of course I do! You really were.” I say and Niall hugs me. “Thanks Al.” I squeeze him in my arms and let go again as Liam walks up to us. “Quinn couldn’t come with you?” he asks and chuckles. “She’s spending time with her boyfriend.” I say laughing softly. “Aww, that's so cute! What’s his name?” “Dylan.” I say, smiling. “He better be treating her right.” Liam says and we all laugh. Niall, Liam and I talk for a while and then Perrie hugs me from behind. “Alli, I'm super tired and we need to rehearse tomorrow.” she says and yawns softly. “Guess I’ll be taking this sleeping beauty home.” I say and Perrie and I both giggle. We hug all the boys and when I hug Niall he whispers in my ear. “See you on Thursday, beautiful.” My cheeks turn bright red and I smile wide as Perrie pulls me with her. We walk out of the concert hall and Perrie smiles at me. “Did you have fun?” she asks and I nod quickly. “It was amazing! I want to go again.” I say and we both laugh. We go home and when we walk inside we go upstairs. “I’m so tired, but super excited for tomorrow.” Perrie says as we change in our pajamas. “Me too! I’m nervous for Wednesday though. How many people will be there?” I ask Perrie and she smiles. “I won’t tell you!” she says and giggles. We go to the bathroom and brush our teeth. “But I know you’ll be amazing.” Perrie says and smiles as we finish brushing our teeth and go into bed. “We’ll see! Goodnight Perrie, thank you for today.” “No problem Alli, night night!”

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