Unexpected Family || P.E.

Alli is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother and little sister Quinn. She's finished school and is taking a gap year. She loves to go shopping and is very helpful to her mother. Her father isn't in the picture, because he left the family when Alli was fifteen.

Alli has a life like any other teenager. She went to school, helps out at home, she's very close to her sister and spends a lot of time listening to music. But something's about to change. Alli is going to meet someone she's never known before. It might even be Quinn's favorite singer...


17. Movies With Niall

I wake up by the doorbell. I get out of bed and notice there’s no one home. I quickly put on a cardigan and go downstairs. I open the door and adjust to the light. “Did I wake you up?” someone asks and I see Niall standing in front of me. “Oh no, I’ve been up for hours.” I say and giggle, letting him in. He chuckles and walks inside. “I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go the movies with me today and maybe grab an ice cream after that?” he asks and I smile. “I’d love that. But I’ll first have to get ready.” I say and Niall smiles. “Of course. Take your time.” he says and I smile, running upstairs. I grab my converse and a dress. I quickly run to the bathroom and take a quick shower. When I’m done showering I get dressed and put on my shoes. I brush through my hair and go back downstairs. “Done!” I say when I walk over to him. “Are you a ninja or something? It took you only fifteen minutes.” “That’s how fast I am.” I say, winking. Niall chuckles and smiles. “You look cute though.” he says and I smile, blushing lightly. “Thanks.’’ I say as we both go outside. I text my mum and jump on Niall’s back. He chuckles and holds on to my legs. I giggle and wrap my arms around his neck. “Have you heard of the movie If I Stay?” Niall asks as he walks over to our local cinema. “I have! I really want to see it.” I say and smile wide. “That’s good then.” he says and smile brightly. “We’re going to If I Stay?” I ask and Niall nods. “Yay! You’re the best.” I say, kissing his cheek. Niall smiles and we reach the cinema. I get off his back and Niall gets our tickets. Niall also gets us some popcorn and we walk to the room where If I Stay is played. We sit down and wait for the movie to start. “Perrie told me she’s got a new room.” Niall says and I nod. “She does! Mum cleaned out the attic and we decorated the room yesterday.” I say, smiling. “That means you’ve got your room back.” he says and chuckles. “That’s true.” I say and giggle. “But I still think I’m living a dream, I mean so much has happened in only so little time.” I say and Niall smiles at me. He wraps an arm around me and I rest my head on his shoulder. “It’s all reality, love.” I smile and Niall kisses the top of my head as the movie starts.

“What did you think?” Niall asks me as the movie has ended. “I absolutely loved it! It was so cute.” I say and Niall chuckles. He stands up and holds out his hand. I smile and take it, standing up. “What about a Chocolate ice cream?” Niall asks and smirks slightly. “I love chocolate!” I say and giggle as we walk out of the cinema. We walk over to an ice cream van and stand in line. We both pick a chocolate ice cream and Niall pays for the ice creams. We sit down on a bench and eat our ice creams. Niall looks at me and starts laughing. I look at him and raise an eyebrow. He wipes some ice cream off my nose and I laugh softly. “I always manage to get ice cream on my nose.” I say and Niall chuckles. “It’s cute.” he says and I smile at him. “There’s something I wanted to ask you.” Niall says and smiles nervously. “Go ahead!” I say and smile. “Well, I know we’ve only just met and all but I—” My phone suddenly starts ringing and I pick up, looking at Niall. “Alli?” I hear my mum at the other end. “Yes, it’s me. What’s up?” “Quinn fell down the stairs and we’re now on our way to the hospital, because her arm hurts a lot. I was wondering if you could come too.” I look at Niall and stand up. “I’ll be right there.” I say and end the call. Niall stands up as well and looks at me. “Al, what’s wrong?” “Quinn, she might have broken her arm. I’m sorry but I have to go.” I say and start walking. “I’ll drive you!” Niall says and pulls me with him. We walk over to his car and I get in the passenger seat. Niall gets into the car as well and starts driving. “Do you know how it happened?” Niall asks while focussing on the road. “Mum said she fell down the stairs.” I say and look at Niall. “What if it’s worse than a broken arm?” I ask and Niall takes one of my hands in his, squeezing it lightly. “Everything will be fine Al, we’re almost there.” I nod and hold Niall’s hand tightly. When we arrive at the hospital I let go of his hand and we both get out of the car. We walk to the reception and ask where Quinn is. She says she’s on level three and that we’ll probably have to wait in the corridor. We take the elevator and when we reach the third level we get out. I see Perrie and mum and walk over to them. “Is she okay?” I ask as Perrie and mum look up. Mum smiles and hugs me tightly. “Don’t worry sweetie, it’s just a broken arm.” she says and I hug her back. “Nothing else?” I ask and mum shakes her head. I smile and give Perrie a tight hug. “I’m sorry I ruined your day.” mum says as we sit down. “No worries. We’ve had a great time.” Niall says and smiles at me.  I take his hand and he rubs his thumb over my hand.

After an hour we go into the room and see Quinn. She smiles at us and I go over to her. “You scared us little one.” I say and Quinn giggles softly. “I’m sorry. I wanted to go see Perrie’s room again and I tripped.” she says and I smile, stroking her hair. “You cutie.” “Were you on a date with Niall?” Quinn asks as she sees Niall. “I was actually.” I say and giggle softly. “Then you need to go on another one tomorrow.” Quinn says and Niall chuckles. “I’ve already planned it all out.” he says, winking. I giggle and Perrie and mum sit down on the other side of the bed. “I actually made a summersault.” Quinn says proudly and we all laugh. “You did? Do you think you could do it again?” Niall asks, chuckling. Quinn shakes her head quickly and laughs softly. A doctor comes in the room and says Quinn’s able to leave the hospital. Quinn smiles and mum picks her up. They go outside and Niall and I follow them out. “I’ll see you tomorrow then, okay?” Niall asks and smiles. “Of course.” I say and give him a quick peck on his lips before walking with Perrie, mum and Quinn to the car. We get in and I wave at Niall as mum starts driving. “Can I sleep with you tonight?” Quinn asks me, whispering softly. I giggle and nod. “Of course you can sweetie. The we can talk about you and Dylan.” I say as Quinn turns red. “Do you know what Niall’s got planned for tomorrow?” Quinn asks me and smiles. “I have no idea! I think it has something with the question he was about to ask me though.” I say and Quinn giggles. “Maybe he’s going to ask you if you want to be his girlfriend.” Quinn says and I laugh softly. “We’ll see!”

When we arrive home Quinn and Perrie go upstairs and I help mum in the kitchen. “Shall I just make sandwiches?” I ask and look at mum. She nods and gives me a kiss on my forehead. “Thanks darling.” mum says and sits down in the living room when I start preparing the sandwiches. After about twenty minutes I’ve made a big pile and I call Perrie and Quinn downstairs. Mum also walks over to the table and we all sit down. We each grab a sandwich and start eating. “So what have you learned today?” Perrie asks Quinn, giggling softly. “To not run up to the attic.” she says and Perrie gasps. Quinn sticks her tongue out and giggles, taking another sandwich. Perrie laughs and takes another sandwich as well. “They taste really nice!” Quinn says and smiles. “Do they?” I ask and Perrie nods quickly. I smile and take another sandwich myself. I take a bite and mum smiles at me. After a few minutes we’ve finished eating and I get up to make some hot chocolate. I put three big marshmallows in every cup and bring them back to the table. “Ooh, yummy!” Quinn says and takes a sip of her hot chocolate. “Are you excited for tomorrow?” Perrie asks and smiles at me. “I am! I have no idea what he’s planned for us and I’m pretty nervous.” I say and smile. “I bet he’s going to ask you to be his girlfriend.” mum says and winks playfully. I laugh and shake my head. “You guys are the worst.” I say and Quinn giggles. “Don’t get mad when we say we said so!” Perrie says and laughs softly. Perrie and Quinn give each other a high five and I laugh.

I put the cups back in the kitchen and Perrie, Quinn and I go upstairs. We brush our teeth and change into our pajamas. “Good luck sleeping in your new room.” I say and giggle. Perrie hugs me tightly and goes upstairs to the attic. Quinn and I go to my room and Quinn quickly gets into bed. I lay down next to her and smile. “Can I tell you a secret?” Quinn asks me and smiles. “Of course sweetie.” Quinn moves closer to me and starts whispering. “I’ve got a boyfriend.” she says and giggles. “Oh la la! Has Dylan asked you to be his girlfriend?” I ask and Quinn nods slowly, blushing lightly. “You cutie.” I say and stroke her cheeks. “Promise to wake me up if it hurts okay?” I ask Quinn and she nods, closing her eyes. I smile and close my eyes as well.

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